Monday, 31 July 2017

Redken No Blow Dry

If you saw Sam’s tutorial last week on how she styles her hair then you may be keen to get your hands on the main product that she uses.
 After her visit to Josh Wood Atelier, she has found the Redken No Blow Dry products are a  godsend when you’re short on time or energy!

If you are someone who either hates washing their hair, because frankly who has the time or if you just prefer not to heat style your hair then you will love these treatments.

Redken has recently launched their No Blow Dry range, which is designed to be used with no heat styling (although you can if you want to).
 Often when you use products in your hair and then let the hair air dry naturally you find that the hair feels crispy of has an uneven texture.
 These new creams from Redken are specifically formulated to be twisted into wet/damp hair and left to work their magic.

These air stylers will provide effortless texture, allow movement and control frizz with minimal effort.
 Available in three creams depending on your hair thickness.
 Select Airy cream for a fine hair, just right cream for medium hair and Bossy cream for coarse or thick hair.

You can see how Sam’s hairdresser uses the product through the hair in the tutorial, which is linked below.

 Redken No Blow Dry is available now here for  £17.50 each.


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  1. Where did you get that amazing Champion Chanel sweatshirt? Your hair looks gorgeous!


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