Thursday, 13 July 2017

Giorgio Armani Eye and brow Maestro and Precision Brow Pencil

Initially, when the new Eye and Brow Maestro landed on my desk I assumed it was a brow cream, I think most people would have that conclusion too right?
 It kind of is really but it’s more than that. It’s a multi-purpose solid to liquid to solid product, which can be used in the brows, as an eye shadow, eyeliner and even a contour. It is strongly pigmented and once set it mimics the natural shine of hair through its use of glass and mica pearl infusion.
It’s completely waterproof and lasts super well on the skin. The texture is beautiful. It glides on in a lightweight veil of colour and is easily blended providing you work relatively quickly. It’s a really nice product for summer getaways when you don’t fancy taking multiple products.

Now the colours available confused me slightly. We were sent two shades in Wenge Wood (a lilac/brown) and Henna, which is an orange/red. Both colours would probably look a little bonkers through the brows unless that’s your thing in which case you probably look mega cool and way more daring than us.

  After inspection of the Giorgio Armani website, however, there are in fact a load more ‘regular’ colours that would be more suited to the brows. The two shades we have would look sensational over the lid though as a base or worn alone.

There are 7 other shades available but I would recommend taking a look at them in store if this is an option because I don’t think the shades translate well on the imagery on the website. Wenge wood looks a taupe brown on the website but has way more plum undertones in real life.

Along with this collection are three shades of high precision brow pencils. We have the shade in 1 Wenge Wood, which would be suitable for a dark blonde through to deep brunette.

 It applies smoothly, lasts really well, applies with great precision and best of all has an amazing fine tooth comb on the opposite end so you can accurately position your brow hairs. The comb also helps to blend in the pencil and soften the finish.

The Eye and Brow  Maestro is £28.00 and the High Precision brow pencil is £25.00.

 Both are available now, here.


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