Thursday, 27 July 2017

Filorga BB-Perfect

BB creams are great for those who want a sheer base that evens skin tone without masking the skin or providing a huge amount of coverage. Great for a sensitive or reactive skin that tends to redden after a glass of wine or after exposure to the environment.

We have been testing out Filorga BB-Perfect this week. Firstly I like the packaging. A 30ml flexible tube with pump action application. Great for shoving in your cosmetic bag when travelling.
 This particular BB cream is targeted toward those who are seeing the development of fine lines or those with an aging skin.

What’s in it?

Active ingredients, which promotes skin healing and calms a red or irritated skin. It has an SPF 15 and uses specialist pigments, which melt into the skin providing a smoothed and fresh complexion.

The finish

A balmy, very radiant finish that feels cushioned and hydrated. Darker skin imperfections still show through this cover but it definitely provides a smoother finish. If you’re concerned about areas that need a little extra cover then apply a separate concealer on top in the specific areas.

My skin is combination and I found it shifted in the centre of the face by lunchtime so I would say this would be a better product for a dry and mature skin type.

Sadly only available in three shades which would be suitable for a light to medium skin tone.

We have two shades to share with you.

Filorga BB cream is £35.00 and available here.



  1. Do you know if this is cruelty free?

  2. It's hard to find a BB/CC cream for oily skin. I use the bourjois CC cream and it's not bad - I like the coverage it gives but doesn't last long on my oily skin ��


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