Friday, 16 June 2017

Real Techniques 6 Miracle Sponges

Don’t forget Real Techniques also do amazing sponges and if you’re unsure which ones to choose from them why not opt for three different styles all nestled neatly in one pack!

In this kit there are 6 sponges in total. Two Miracle complexion sponges, three Miracle mini eraser sponges and a Miracle Sculpting Sponge.

The Miracle Complexion Sponge is the Grandma of our sponge world. It’s for people who want to create a perfect base quickly. It can be used dry for a fuller coverage or damp for a sheer base.
 The angle of it means that you can reach the corners of the face and work with the contours of the face. It’s also nice to use on a base that is a few hours old to rebuff and freshen up the skin.

Miracle mini eraser sponges are the same shape as the larger complexion sponge but shrunken. Why are miniature products so cute?
 These little guys are great for touching up smaller areas of the skin but also correcting mishaps without disturbing your makeup. They are handy to sling into your make up bag or vanity case for emergency touch ups or for when space is limited. They are also really nice to apply cream blush with as the curvature of the sponge means you can apply with precision and blend.

The Miracle Sculpting sponge is for those who love the contoured look but hate having to use multiple brushes to create the desired look. The larger angled head can sculpt out a shadow under the cheekbones whilst the opposite projected side can accurately dab on the highlighter.
 The smaller tip can apply your contour to the eye socket, the sides of the nose or the Cupid’s bow.  It really is a one-stop shop of a sponge.

You can clean your sponge in warm water after each use but replace after 3 months.

You can shop the collection here. Each sponge is also sold separately here if you prefer.



  1. I have used the "grandma" RT sponge and I loved it to the core! It was my first makeup blending sponge and it really changed the way my foundation used to look like. Looking forward to try the diamond version now. :) Keep rocking pixiwoo sisters!

  2. i love how much variety there are!! i love the original one so much xx

  3. This Miracle Sponges Real Techniques are good!
    i like this technique! I will use it!
    Thank you for sharing!

  4. I have about 6 sponges - i bloomin love them!

    Lindsay |


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