Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Origins Ginzing Tinted moisturiser and Eye cream


 We have been using the Estee Lauder Sheer tint release for years so we were really excited by the new Origins Tinted Moisturiser.
 It works in a similar way by applying as a colourless cream but upon blending it trasforms into a sheer tinted base.
 It's a relatively thick cream that would possibly be too rich for an oily skin type (and probably too radiant also).

It applies as an off-white with a undertone of blue pearl, sounds weird but the blue pearl provides the most amazing radiance. It definitely doesn't look blue on the skin so don't panic!

 Select a firm buffing brush to blend this out so that the firm brush hairs can effectively break down the pigments within to give the skin a sheer wash of skin smoothing colour.

After blending out
  There is only one shade option and I would say this would work for a very fair through to medium skin tone. Any deeper skin tones may look a little ashy.

This tinted moisturiser is great for summer when you feel like you need a little something on the skin but nothing that will mask your natural skin tone. It contains an SPF40 for protection, coffee beans to stimulate the skin and ginseng to boost hydration.

Overall an awesome skin base that will see you through the summer months. Also great for holiday as it will adapt to your skin as your tan deepens. Saves having to take multiple foundations!

Available now here for £30.00.

Another amazing product from Origins is their GinZing refreshing eye cream to brighten and depuff. Pretty much does what it says on the tin but what we love about this is it's slightly tinted with a delicate pink pearl which works really well to diffuse the light from dark circles.

 If you're a little dark on the eyelid it also works as a great base for your eyeshadow, toning down any natural redness or yellowing that often occurs on the eyelid.
 Again, this wouldn't be suitable for any skin tone darker than a medium as it will draw more attention to the under eye darkness by making it look ashy. Brilliant on a lighter skin tone.

 Nice to use on its own, as a base or mixed with your regular under eye concealer.
 This eye cream is £20.50 and available here.


  1. That's my all time favorite eye cream

  2. The tinted moisturiser looks amazing, I've just bought the Nars one which I am loving at the moment! The Origins one looks so radiant! xox


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  4. Love the sheen of that tinted moisturizer! They should add more shade options so that people with deeper skin tones can get their hands on it too.

    Gorgeously Flawed

  5. If dark circles are your biggest under eye concern, this is the best cream to buy. This potent little pot is brimming with vitamin C to brighten eyes. Revitol eye cream is specially formulated to avoid the under eye problems. This cream targets the delicate capillaries and deeper layers of the skin. You can definitely hide some signs of aging but hiding aging signs around eyes is impossible.


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