Monday, 5 June 2017

Nip+Fab Sculpted Eyeshadow Palette

It’s always nice when an affordable(and also good), palette arrives in the studio for us to take a look. Nip+Fab have recently added some new colour cosmetics to sit alongside their skincare and we have their Sculpted eye palette to share with you.

 Being a sculpted palette you may have guessed that the shades are a collection of natural and deeper tones, which create the kind of shadow you would expect the light to naturally cast.

 Ten matte shades and two shimmer in a mix of off white, cream, sepia, warming browns and a couple of plums. No black shade however, which I personally think would’ve been a no brainer for a sculpting eye shadow palette.

The lightest shades were a little crumbly on the palette and created the most fall out on the skin. The deeper shades seemed to hold their texture well with minimal drop down.

 Pigment wise there is still room for improvement but nothing that a cream base a firmer flat brush and a couple of layers can’t correct.

 The shades look as though they will lay down pretty dark in the palette but on the skin they are much more muted. They create a blendable wash of shade that can be built upon but never really give you massive colour intensity.

I would say this palette is perfect for someone who likes the idea of a smoky eye but is a little nervous of strong pigments, which may look like a punch in the eye.

  All the colours work well together so go wild and experiment as pretty much any of them can be worn together for a complimentary blend.

This palette is £10.95 and available from Superdrug here.


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  2. This palette looks so amazing. I think this is best for creating smokey eyes. Thanks for reviewing or this lovely palette :)

  3. Love brown shade palette!
    Your swatch is great!!


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