Thursday, 8 June 2017

Medik8 Beta Gel Blemish Gel

Even into my mid 30’s I get the odd blemish cropping up, usually on a Friday before the weekend I might add. It’s annoying but over the years I have learnt to try my best to just ignore it and not irritate it further by picking at it. Unless it has come to a head (gross) then I leave it alone to just do its thing.
 Whenever I start to feel a lump under the skin brewing I like to apply a treatment to try and tame the beast before it raises its ugly head!

I have been testing out the Beta Gel by Medik8 recently. It’s a 15ml tube containing a transparent gel. It can be used as a thin layer over a larger problematic area or you can use it over the top of a lone blemish.

What’s in it?

Dioic acid-Helps to reduce sebum output

Azelaic Acid- Anti inflammatory and also assists in reducing the redness associated with blemishes. It also helps to kill of the blemish causing bacteria.

Salicylic Acid- Great at de-clogging the pores and loosening all the blemish-causing gunk!

Niacinamide (Vitamin B3)- Reduces inflammation, doesn’t dry out the skin and strengthens the skins barrier.

When you apply this gel it has a slight sting. Not eye wateringly but more of a pleasant “ahh it must be doing something because I can feel the tingle” kind of sting. If you suffer with blemishes you’ll probably weirdly like this sting, I do anyway!

After about 20 minutes of applying this the blemish redness was taken down and appeared less angry! I feel like it accelerated the speed of healing too (providing I didn’t pick at it).

The best thing about this gel is that once it dries off it leaves behind a clear film. The film evens out the texture of the blemish and allows any foundation or concealer applied on top to appear smoother. The film will also protect the blemish underneath and to promote the healing.

It’s not a cheap product but I would say if you suffer from the odd blemish then it’s a good investment. The use by date is 12 months so if you’re only using it occasionally it’ll get you through the year!

The 15ml tube is £33.00 and available here.



  1. Nice post. Keep it up

  2. Hi Nic & Sam, have you tried The Ordinary products? Would love to hear your comments on that skincare. Love you both ��


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