Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Bobbi Brown Face Mist

So this a rather lovely find for the summer! Bobbi Brown Face mist is like a shot of hydration for the face which not only feels wonderfully cooling on the skin, but also helps revive a mid day skin. It’s in a handy sized 100ml, which, means it’s fine to take on board aircraft, and also fits nicely into your handbag.

It’s great to spritz over a bare skin for a veil of dewiness, mist onto the skin before you apply foundation to sheer the texture out and aid blending over dry patches. As mentioned, it’s nice to keep handy to revive a patchy foundation or blusher. Spray a fine mist and then whip out your blending brush to rebuff in any settled makeup.

A nice product for any makeup artist working on a shoot to treat their model to inbetween takes.

Contains Chamomile, greet tea and cucumber so no annoying strong scents, just subtle summery freshness that calms and soothes a stressed out skin.
 I also like that its in black packaging gives it a unisex feel. Guys need a little skin freshen up too you know!

Available here now for £22.00


  1. It looks like the perfect product for the summer !

  2. I need check it out! Looks lovely!

  3. Is it just to hydrate the skin, or does it help to make the base makeup go smoother on skin and hold it better?

    Gorgeously Flawed


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