Thursday, 25 May 2017

YSL Rouge Pur Couture Vernis A Lévres

Historically, lip stains are always matte. They apply in glorious vinyl sheen but quickly dry off to an uncomfortably tight wash of opaque colour that cracks throughout the day.
 We have been sent the latest YSL Vernis a lévres glossy stain to test out. These promise a slick of lightweight that even once dry will still provide a glossy sheen.

 The applicator wand is the classic teardrop shape, which YSL have become known for. The wand is slightly angled making application easy.
  The stain feels almost water-like although I did feel it needed a little work to build colour and ensure it had an even cover. I would advise applying in thin layers and waiting for each layer to dry before building the next.
 The colours are pigmented and are in a variety of tropical summery shades. I felt that the shades developed brighter than the initial application so be prepared that they will dry off slightly brighter than first anticipated.

The stain did indeed last really well and even after the initial balmy coating had worn down the colour still had a radiance. There is a super fine pearl pigment running through the stain which ensures it keeps a glossy sheen but does it without looking shimmery.

 These would be a nice lip product for brides or indeed guests who need a long wearing lip product that doesn’t overly transfer but looks plump and glossy.

The finish looks slightly diffused on the lip so you will need a lip liner if you prefer a more defined edge.

 These are £27.00 and available here now.



  1. Pretty fun Summery shades, fruit salad!

  2. all these shades look amazing!! so pretty and summery xx

  3. I love the texures of these lip colours, I have one, and wear it for work, it does last quite well.

  4. Totally in love with the shade number 48! It's so beautiful and unique. The wand looks nice too!


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