Friday, 28 April 2017

YSL Touché eclat Neutralisers


Touché Eclat is one of those cult products, which were probably most makeup fanatic’s first introduction to highlighting and brightening.  It's a product which can softly add radiance or create a luminous panda eye flash back on a 3 am drunken nightclub photo.

By popular demand, Touché eclat has brought back their three neutraliser shades in green, apricot and violet. The packaging is a dreamy metallic pastel tone reflecting the shade within. 

Typical Touché eclat click and brush application, just don't pump up too much product as it's very easy to go over the top and end up having to blend half the product all over your face.

Remember though these are not concealers. They will softly adjust the colouring in the skin to blur it out a little but won’t by any means eradicate it from your skin. You'll need to team it up with a concealer too if this is your end goal.



This is for correcting dark spots and under eye circles and probably the easiest out of the three to get right. Suitable for a light (not too light) skin through to a medium skin tone. I'd like to say that this would be good on a medium to darker skin tone to lift dullness or darkness around the eyes but I just don't think it's quite dark enough. You could maybe mix a little of it with your regular under eye concealer to add a bit of colour depth if need be. Nice to pat over freckles if you're not a fan of them and also good to blend into age spots to soften them.


Go easy with this one or you'll end up looking a little peaky. Nice to use on patches of redness or on blemishes but only if the skin underneath is smooth. If you have a blemish with a bit of a rough scab surface then all it will do is sit in the dryness and magnify it. 
 Pump a blob out onto the brush tip and then use a fine liner brush to pinpoint application onto the area required. Using your ring finger you can the pat it (don't rub) into the skin. 


This is for those with a sallow skin tone. If you ever think that your skin is slightly more yellow around the jaw or under the eye then the violet will balance it out. It’s also a nice product to use on areas where your foundation looks a little off. My foundation quite often clings to the fine hairs on my face and can oxidise a little, appearing more yellow than the rest of my face. Pat a teeny amount of this over the area and it takes the edge off. 

You can use each of these after your moisturiser and before your foundation but only if you are applying your foundation on top with a sponge or a patting motion. If not you will disturb the product and rub most of it off. 
 I prefer to apply after my base but before my foundation and using a small brush for accuracy and my finger to blend in. 

These are available nationwide from 26th April.



  1. first time visitor on you blog:)
    You blog is something good after so many days.

  2. Oooh, these look great! I really love that there's a colour for everyone's skin type, colour and blemishes!

  3. I've been so intrigued by them. I might need the apricot one for my dark circles and possibly the green for some redness. Hell, I'll just end up with all three :-p

  4. I think the Apricot one would suit me - dark circles are the bane of my life! x

  5. Looking like smooth. I think You are displayed beauty items perfect for everyone.


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