Monday, 3 April 2017

MAC Next to Nothing face colour

Just launched from MAC this month is their Next to nothing face colour.
 It’s pretty much a tinted moisturiser but with a tiny little bit more cover.
Designed to give skin a luminous veil which slightly evens the skin and hydrates.

What do we think?

On paper we loved it. A sheer base ready for summer, which will look natural but help to softly perfect the skin. Sounds like a base we would love.

It feels really nice on application. Balmy, easy to blend in and smells pretty nice too. The coverage is minimal, like pretty much blends away to not a lot. Great for those who don’t really like a foundation but just need a little help (I guess that’s who it is marketed at by naming it face colour rather than foundation).
 It delicately tints the skin but by no means covers. If you need extra coverage you’ll need to pop on a separate concealer.

The finish is luminous and radiant but with not a trace of shimmer thank goodness. Mica and Titanium dioxide are present albeit in small quantities and although we didn’t think it flashed back on camera, you may want to test it out on your own skin first before slapping it on for your wedding day.

The balmy texture means that it sits nicely on a dry skin but we did find it clung to dry patches. It’s minimal because it’s such a sheer cover but on close inspection you can see it. We thought that it surprisingly sat nicer on a combination skin. Would feel too much like a film for an oily skin.

Sam found that this oxidised really quickly on her skin. Within 5 minutes it had dried off and set to at least a shade darker so we would say pick your normal shade and then go one lighter to combat this.
 Both Nic and myself (Stacey) found that this foundation bobbled up and rolled on our skin. This will most likely be because this is a silicone (dimethicone) based tint. Rather than being absorbed into the skin these ingredients tend to sit. It’s fine if you are just buffing over a thin layer and not much else but once you start building the layers or adding other products on top then you will find bobbles of base all over your face. We tested this over 3 different moisturisers and even on bare skin and it still did this so be cautious of that. Sam however didn’t experience this so it may be that it just reacted with our individual skin.

 There are 9 shades and they are categorised in light through to deep dark rather than the standard MAC NC or NW category. I would say the lightest shade would be around an NW20 and the darkest would be an NC45.

This foundation is available now in store although I think it will be out of stock pretty quickly as always with MAC. It’s £27.00 for a 35ml pump bottle.


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  1. I was thinking this would be a great base for summer, however, after reading your review I could easily say it is definitely not for me. I have oily skin so the last thing I want is a film of foundation on my skin, I will pass that!

    Ela BellaWorld


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