Thursday, 13 April 2017

Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops

If you’re after a serious highlighter that allows you to custom blend the highlight intensity and shade then check out the Cover FX custom enhancement drops.

What are they?
Pipette dispensed liquid infused with an intense high sheen in a selection of 6 shades.
 Cover FX recommend adding a drop into your base makeup, primer or moisturiser for a highlighting or bronzing effect.
 They contain a high level of pearl finish, which produces a lit-from-within glow.

What we think?

Really nice addition to your makeup bag if you want to adapt products which you already own and love.
 The pigment is strong so you will probably only ever need one, possibly two drops so it will most likely go out of date before you get to the end.

The pipette gives good control as the tip tapers into a small point. You can accurately apply a small drop without mess.

 A nice selection of tones in a mix of warm and cool tones that would be suitable for most skin tones.
 The finish is slightly metallic and coats the skin in a foil effect rather than a glittery veil.

I think these would perhaps be too strong for an all over blend with your foundation but if you mix drop with your moisturiser and buff onto the high points of the face it does look very pretty.
 These are also nice to mix with your body lotion to highlight a tan or natural skin tone.

These are £34.00 each and available here.

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