Friday, 28 April 2017

YSL Touché eclat Neutralisers


Touché Eclat is one of those cult products, which were probably most makeup fanatic’s first introduction to highlighting and brightening.  It's a product which can softly add radiance or create a luminous panda eye flash back on a 3 am drunken nightclub photo.

By popular demand, Touché eclat has brought back their three neutraliser shades in green, apricot and violet. The packaging is a dreamy metallic pastel tone reflecting the shade within. 

Typical Touché eclat click and brush application, just don't pump up too much product as it's very easy to go over the top and end up having to blend half the product all over your face.

Remember though these are not concealers. They will softly adjust the colouring in the skin to blur it out a little but won’t by any means eradicate it from your skin. You'll need to team it up with a concealer too if this is your end goal.



This is for correcting dark spots and under eye circles and probably the easiest out of the three to get right. Suitable for a light (not too light) skin through to a medium skin tone. I'd like to say that this would be good on a medium to darker skin tone to lift dullness or darkness around the eyes but I just don't think it's quite dark enough. You could maybe mix a little of it with your regular under eye concealer to add a bit of colour depth if need be. Nice to pat over freckles if you're not a fan of them and also good to blend into age spots to soften them.


Go easy with this one or you'll end up looking a little peaky. Nice to use on patches of redness or on blemishes but only if the skin underneath is smooth. If you have a blemish with a bit of a rough scab surface then all it will do is sit in the dryness and magnify it. 
 Pump a blob out onto the brush tip and then use a fine liner brush to pinpoint application onto the area required. Using your ring finger you can the pat it (don't rub) into the skin. 


This is for those with a sallow skin tone. If you ever think that your skin is slightly more yellow around the jaw or under the eye then the violet will balance it out. It’s also a nice product to use on areas where your foundation looks a little off. My foundation quite often clings to the fine hairs on my face and can oxidise a little, appearing more yellow than the rest of my face. Pat a teeny amount of this over the area and it takes the edge off. 

You can use each of these after your moisturiser and before your foundation but only if you are applying your foundation on top with a sponge or a patting motion. If not you will disturb the product and rub most of it off. 
 I prefer to apply after my base but before my foundation and using a small brush for accuracy and my finger to blend in. 

These are available nationwide from 26th April.


Wednesday, 26 April 2017

MAC Fruity Juicy Collection

I’m a sucker for pretty packaging so the new limited edition collection Fruity Juicy; from MAC is a winner fro me.
 Black gloss packaging adorned with tropical plants and the odd Papaya and coconut. Very appealing and I imagine will sell out pretty sharpish.

 In my experience the beauty powders always sell out first so if this takes your fancy then pick this up quick sharp.
 This year’s powder is embossed with Hibiscus flowers in gold, coral pink, lilac and bronze. When swished together the shades merge to produce a golden coral shimmer.
 It would be a little too pigmented for a very pale skin but would look beautiful on the cheeks for a medium skin or as a highlighter on a deeper skin.

  We also have the ‘Love in the glades’ eye shadow palette, although sadly it came in smashed. It holds 6 shades in a mix of matte, shimmer and satin finishes.
 Nice shades if you’re into green. Good pigment and minimal fall out.

 For the lips we have two products, Love at first bite in an amplified fuchsia and Cha cha cha cremesheen, which is a warm peach.

 Cute little collection for summer, not really anything that we haven’t seen before but nice if you’re a packaging collector with some nice wearable makeup thrown in for good measure.

This collection is available in all locations and online from 27th April 2017.

Monday, 24 April 2017

Holiday Makeup Tutorial

Going on holiday? Check out what Nic takes on holiday...


Friday, 21 April 2017

NARS Charlotte Gainsbourg Collection

NARS have teamed up with British-French actress and singer Charlotte Gainsbourg for their summer 2017 collection. Charlotte Gainsbourg is the daughter of Hermés muse Jane Birkin (hence the Birkin bag) and musician Serge Gainsbourgh. Her parents had hit the headlines a few years previous to her birth with the release of their pretty saucy song Je t’aime.

Charlotte Gainsbourg has appeared in many films and has received the best actress award for her role in the film Antichrist. She has also released three albums.

Inspired by Charlotte’s signature natural look they have produced a range of vibrant shots of colour but formulated using balmy moisturised textures, which produce sheer washes of colour.

We have a few pieces to share with you from the collection…

Hydrating Glow tint

Available in 4 shades this is a hydrating cream which provides a veil of lightweight colour that helps to even the skin and brighten. The coverage is totally minimal and doesn’t provide you with any real coverage, but that’s the idea. It’s for people who have a dryer skin and want to use an extra layer of moisturising product that has a soft radiance. Nice for holiday’s but beware, as there is no sun protection.


 The colour selection is good. The fair is great for a very pale skin with a pink undertone. I haven’t seen the darkest shade but the medium shade would suit around an NC30 (in MAC terms).

Multiple Tint

The multiples are always a win for summer. A twist up cream, which can be used on the eyes, cheeks and lips. The shades are surprisingly sheer and the texture never really dries, it tends to stay slightly tacky on the skin so there is a small amount of transfer.

 Lip Tints

The lip tints are available in three shades and again the colour is much sheerer than the shade would suggest from the outside. Lovely texture which feels smooth and not too shiny!

This is available from 1st May and is exclusive to Selfridges.


Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Murad Matte Effect Blotting Perfector

 As the weather starts to slowly (very slowly) heat up here in the UK it can begin to affect how your make up sits on your skin. If you have a combination to oily skin you may find that your shiny areas are in need of a little extra something however applying layer upon layer of a mattifying powder isn’t really helping your skin to achieve a fresh but matte finish.

I have been testing out the latest mattifying blotting perfector from MURAD. It’s a mirrored compact, which contains a cushioned, saturated sponge and slim applicator pad.

The sponge inside is infused with marshmallow powder, which along with soft focus mattifying spheres absorbs the excess oil in the skin, but doesn’t deplete your skin of moisture.
 It also contains Pomegranate extract to act as an antioxidant and achieve radiance along with French green clay to absorb oil and detoxify.

The applicator pad is antimicrobial and has a cooling effect on the skin. This pad is stored neatly away in a separate compartment to avoid contamination of the product.

What did we think?
 Initially I wasn’t convinced by this product. A wet product on an oily skin, which potentially may already have a layer of powder on it, seemed like an odd combination. But it totally works.

Firstly you can apply this as a base primer or you can use on top of your foundation. Either way you need to dab it on. Don’t swipe across the skin, as you will disturb the makeup underneath.
 When you pat it onto the skin it feels cooling and fresh but it quickly evaporates and dries almost instantly. It leaves behind a matte finish to the skin that looks totally fresh and natural. It doesn’t leave a dry residue and didn’t cause the skin to tighten once dry.
 The cooling finish would be great to use during the summer months or at times when your skin feels a little flushed.

A really nice alternative to powder this summer and can be touched up as many times as you desire with no fear of a cakey finish.

  The Murad blotting perfector is £32 and available here.


Thursday, 13 April 2017

Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops

If you’re after a serious highlighter that allows you to custom blend the highlight intensity and shade then check out the Cover FX custom enhancement drops.

What are they?
Pipette dispensed liquid infused with an intense high sheen in a selection of 6 shades.
 Cover FX recommend adding a drop into your base makeup, primer or moisturiser for a highlighting or bronzing effect.
 They contain a high level of pearl finish, which produces a lit-from-within glow.

What we think?

Really nice addition to your makeup bag if you want to adapt products which you already own and love.
 The pigment is strong so you will probably only ever need one, possibly two drops so it will most likely go out of date before you get to the end.

The pipette gives good control as the tip tapers into a small point. You can accurately apply a small drop without mess.

 A nice selection of tones in a mix of warm and cool tones that would be suitable for most skin tones.
 The finish is slightly metallic and coats the skin in a foil effect rather than a glittery veil.

I think these would perhaps be too strong for an all over blend with your foundation but if you mix drop with your moisturiser and buff onto the high points of the face it does look very pretty.
 These are also nice to mix with your body lotion to highlight a tan or natural skin tone.

These are £34.00 each and available here.

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Giorgio Armani Beauty 'Life is a cruise'

 Life is a cruise from Giorgio Armani launches today (12th April). Bad news is it’s stonkingly expensive.  Good news is that it’s stunningly beautiful with some really useful products, which we can review and let you know the details without you making expensive mistakes!

Firstly the skin defense primer SPF50 PA++. A pipette dispensed milky primer, which blends into the skin and becomes transparent.
 Initially it felt a little sticky on application but as it melted into the skin it transformed into a silky matte finish.
 It has a slightly skin perfecting, blurring effect on the skin and the texture was completely undetectable underneath my foundation. Weirdly it didn’t seem to flash back under my foundation. The white colouring made me a little nervous to wear as a base but it wasn’t visible under flash lighting.

We all need to be wearing a sun protection of some description to protect our skin and this one is perfect if you’re a little lazy with your SPF. A nice smoothing primer that will help with your foundation longevity but with the added bonus of the super high SPF. This primer is not new to Giorgio Armani’s line up and I actually found it at a few different prices ranging from £40-60 so shop around.

Maestro Liquid summer bronzer SPF15. This is available in 3 shades (we have No100, the medium shade). This liquid bronzer is beautiful.

A little goes a massively long way so this will last you at least two summers (use by is 12 months so you’ll be fine for early summer next year also).
 It does have a fine sparkle in gold, which adds radiance, but it’s not glaringly obvious. The tone is very warm so this particular shade of No100 would only be suitable for a medium to an olive skin tone. I haven’t seen the lighter or darker shade but I’m imagining they would be too extreme for a particularly pale skin.
 You could mix a drop with your regular foundation as your skin tone deepens in the summer or if you already have a little colour to your skin you could buff it over the high points of the face for a soft real looking bronzer.
 Not really suitable to contour with as it’s too warm. Suitable for all skin types, even oily.

For the face is a limited edition palette that has a wave embossed palette and has a graduated tone from mink/sand tone through to deep bronze. Again this is very shimmery so you need to be cautious with your application. Too much and you’ll look like a sparkly oompa loompa.

Again, only suitable for a deeper skin tone and would look perfect as a highlighter on a mid through to deep skin tone.

 Would also be nice swept through the socket and on the lid. This palette is £55.

The sunset smoky eye palette is probably your best buy if you want something for both eyes and face. The golden shimmer section can be used as before on the eyes and skin but there is a wedge of a deep forest green with a fine golden pearl finish.

This palette is also £55. Blends well, strong pigment and lasted really well. Also looks beautiful on camera.


Monday, 10 April 2017

Friday, 7 April 2017

Bobbi Brown Art stick liquid lip

This Spring Bobbi Brown has launched their new Art stick liquid lips. I feel like there are a ton of liquid lips out at the moment!

What does Bobbi Brown say about it?

A squeezable, creamy and hydrating liquid lipstick that dries semi-matte in a range of nudes and brights. Perfect when you’re on the run, just squeeze, swipe and go.

What do we think?

A fruity selection of shades, which are very enticing with amazing bold pigment.
 The texture is thick; it’s like applying an actual paint to your lips. The creamy texture allows a good amount of movement; although I would say apply a small dot to the centre of your lips, purse lips together and then buff out the product to the edges. By applying in this way you can achieve a delicate diffused finish.

If you require a bold lip then it’s super easy to achieve with one application although you will definitely need to team it up with a lip liner to get a precise edge.

Swipe and go? Hmm not if you want it even and neat. Because of the thickness you need to work the product a little and layer it for an even finish. The finish is gloriously matte and comfortable to wear but it does cling to any visible dryness (as most matte products do).

I found the boldness of the colour faded pretty quickly within the hour but it had stained my lips so it was still obvious that I had a brighter tone to my lips.

I’d say these are great if you like a full on bold lip with a matte finish and are not opposed to touching up a few times a day.

These are available now nationwide and are £21.50 each. Available in 17 shades.

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Suqqu Framing Eyebrow Pen

Finally an eyebrow pen, which actually mimics fine strokes of hair. Suqqu do pen based products really well. We love their liquid liners too but their brow pens are a winner.

Each pen has a super fine flexible tip, which allows you to create light, subtle hair strokes, which apply easily with little effort. The liquid is a perfect consistency and enables you to build shape without a wet or blocky finish. 


 Add fine strokes to the brow to create a new shape or simply flick on colour throughout the brow to build brow volume. Ridiculously easy to use and also simple to correct if you get carried away. Once dry they last well on the skin even in humidity.

They also contain panthenol and water soluble collagen to add volume but also avocado to stimulate hair growth (although don’t expect miracle hair growth!).

There are 4 shades available in Moss green (great for ashy blondes), brown, camel and grey.

 We have two shades to share in brown and camel…

Suqqu Eyebrow liquid pens are available now here for £20.00 each.

Monday, 3 April 2017

MAC Next to Nothing face colour

Just launched from MAC this month is their Next to nothing face colour.
 It’s pretty much a tinted moisturiser but with a tiny little bit more cover.
Designed to give skin a luminous veil which slightly evens the skin and hydrates.

What do we think?

On paper we loved it. A sheer base ready for summer, which will look natural but help to softly perfect the skin. Sounds like a base we would love.

It feels really nice on application. Balmy, easy to blend in and smells pretty nice too. The coverage is minimal, like pretty much blends away to not a lot. Great for those who don’t really like a foundation but just need a little help (I guess that’s who it is marketed at by naming it face colour rather than foundation).
 It delicately tints the skin but by no means covers. If you need extra coverage you’ll need to pop on a separate concealer.

The finish is luminous and radiant but with not a trace of shimmer thank goodness. Mica and Titanium dioxide are present albeit in small quantities and although we didn’t think it flashed back on camera, you may want to test it out on your own skin first before slapping it on for your wedding day.

The balmy texture means that it sits nicely on a dry skin but we did find it clung to dry patches. It’s minimal because it’s such a sheer cover but on close inspection you can see it. We thought that it surprisingly sat nicer on a combination skin. Would feel too much like a film for an oily skin.

Sam found that this oxidised really quickly on her skin. Within 5 minutes it had dried off and set to at least a shade darker so we would say pick your normal shade and then go one lighter to combat this.
 Both Nic and myself (Stacey) found that this foundation bobbled up and rolled on our skin. This will most likely be because this is a silicone (dimethicone) based tint. Rather than being absorbed into the skin these ingredients tend to sit. It’s fine if you are just buffing over a thin layer and not much else but once you start building the layers or adding other products on top then you will find bobbles of base all over your face. We tested this over 3 different moisturisers and even on bare skin and it still did this so be cautious of that. Sam however didn’t experience this so it may be that it just reacted with our individual skin.

 There are 9 shades and they are categorised in light through to deep dark rather than the standard MAC NC or NW category. I would say the lightest shade would be around an NW20 and the darkest would be an NC45.

This foundation is available now in store although I think it will be out of stock pretty quickly as always with MAC. It’s £27.00 for a 35ml pump bottle.

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