Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Testing new products



  1. Wah! I've also wanted to try Kat Von Dee's make-up but haven't got round to ordering any. I'm not a massive fan of full-coverage foundation but it looks really natural :) X


  2. I haven't had a chance to watch this video yet, which bugs me a lot. The title had me in stitches.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  3. Lovely video, very touching about giving back. I wish I had eyes that weren't so deep, seems I just look like I've blacked my eyes with dark shadow!

  4. Solid work on the swimming lesson. That's a huge deal! Also, love love love love love Love the giving back!

    Couple brainstormed thoughts-- I like the makeover and tea idea. Having a silent auction online might work as well? People bidding on you and Sams makeup magic / consult for an afternoon? This silent auction could take place online on your site, or even eBay maybe?

    Alternately, you could have a special event with the funds raised going directly to the hospice center. This could look like a special day at a park, or a dinner at a local center, etc. . Perhaps in the city of the future "nook"? You could name it the "beauty of life" event, or something catchy that would grab people's attention. It could be advertised on the local magazine with an emphasis on community involvement and giving back. Newspapers and magazines like to advertise for free when they are guaranteed coverage of said event.

    There could be a set price for entry, food could be donated, dj services could be donated, etc. etc. If this hospice care is a non profit, they may be able to receive donated goods and services, and those donating would be able to catch a tax break? Not sure what the deal is with this in the U.K.

    As an incentive for people to come, besides the obvious of giving back and supporting the hospice center, perhaps Real Techniques could give away signed special brush sets, and you could reach out to other contacts on the industry who could donate goods? They would be helping out a deserving cause, and It could be written off in their taxes? There could be "swag bags" given to the attendees... with one grand prize of a day with you and Sam could be hidden in one of the entry bags. It could be luck of the draw! People would flip out at the chance to win that!! Or, the silent auction for a day with you and Sam could take place at this event as well, instead of online. Just brainstorming :)

    People love to help good causes, and this is a very good cause. If you put it out there, I'm sure people would respond and want to "pitch in". I wish I lived in England so I could help you organize!

  5. Oh! For the special event You could also do something like "real to reel"-- a fundraising night at a local cinema where people could come celebrate stories of life ( showing real life clips of people from the hospice center/ stories from loved ones/ hopes for the future/ dreams of the kids in the center/ the beauty of life/ etc) with the swag bags from real techniques and friends , etc at the door. The grand prize could still be hidden in one of the entry bags, or a silent auction would work here too.


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