Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Origins Flower Fusion Sheet Masks

The latest masks from Origins have got us feeling particular spring like. They have 6 new masks, which are inspired by the naturally radiant beauty of florals.
 The flower fusion range is 100% natural bamboo sheet masks infused with flower wax. The flower wax is a by-product of the essential oil distillation process.

Each flower fusion sheet mask harnesses the power of a different flower to cater for the various skin types.


Violets contain tons of anti oxidants and are very emollient which means they will help with the suppleness and the hydration of the skin. Good for devitalised skin or for those who may have been feeling under the weather.


The orange mask is particularly nice. The zesty scent puts you in a relaxed and refreshed mood whilst the orange flower of the white blossom tree helps to hydrate and give radiance to the skin. Good for dull skin and is a nice one to use before a big night out. A real mood lifter

 This one is good for post holiday skin that has been a little scorched or for lack lustre skin which needs a little refreshment. It’s nicely hydrating and has a delicate woody fragrance.

Lavender- Soothing

Lavender is very antiseptic and balancing, making this mask great for a sensitive or slightly inflamed skin. Also good if you suffer with breakouts. A nice relaxing mask which also seemed to brighten the skin.

Jasmine- Softening

 Jasmine is known for its nocturnal blooming and is used in aromatherapy for its tension relieving properties. This mask is good for a dry or mature skin or for those whose skin has been a little weathered.

Good for all skin types but a nice shot of hydration for a dryer skin. Also good at evening out the complexion or calming a sensitive skin.

Each mask smells strongly of the flower it contains so if you aren’t a floral lover then these are not the masks for you.
 Each packet contains 1 sheet and they are £5.00 each available here.



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  2. I love Origins face masks so I'll definitely be trying some of these x


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