Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Marc Jacobs Highliner


We have just received the latest liner offerings from Marc Jacobs. The original gel liner formula has now been produced in a matte formula and delivers a bold pigment with an extreme no-budge waterproof finish.

 Let’s talk about the original shimmering Highliner pencils first. Marc Jacobs states these are an award winning pencil (Allure Best of Beauty 2014). From what I can see online it was the pale lavender shade in (Luna)tic which one the award. Weirdly that shade wasn’t included in the set we were sent however there were 14 other beautiful shades for us to cast our eyes over.

From Left: Blacquer, In the buff, Mari(gold), Obey-ge, Orange crush, Ro(cocoa), Brown(out), Plume(age), Blue me away, Violet Femme, Th(ink), Ody(sea), (Wave)Length, O(vert).
  The majority of the shades apply easily but two of the shades were a little disappointing. Obey-ge and Violet Femme, which both have a pink undertone, were a little scratchy with an uneven coverage. Obey-ge didn’t transfer easily so required a little pressure, which then resulted in the nib snapping off.
 The rest of the shades however were stunning. Bold colour and individually infused with super fine sparkling pigments.
 These liners are seriously waterproof. They do not budge. The gel texture allows you a little play time but if you’re planning on blending these out then you need to work fast. To remove them you need to massage in an oily eye makeup remover and then wash or wipe off.

The new Highliner’s have the same gel formula but with a matte finish. Matte normally translates flat however the gel texture means they have a creaminess to them.

Pink of me, Deja blue, Mist me?, (Pop)ular, Whirl(Pool), Out of the blue, (Fine)wine, Grape(wine), Over(night), (Iron)y, (Brown)ie, (Earth)quake.
They glide on in the same way as the original formula; in fact, because they have no shimmering pigments I feel that they are even smoother.

There are some really interesting shades to choose from. Bold red, vibrant green and powder blues, all in an opaque rich tone. These also have a 12-hour wear and need to be worked quickly.

These are available now for $25. Check them out here.


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  1. I am dying to try Fine(wine) shade... so pretty <3


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