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Estee Lauder Perfecting Primer

To achieve a perfect base you need to be layering your products. If you’re a spring chicken then you may find a slick of moisturiser and a buff over of a foundation keeps you looking fresh all day but as skin ages it tends to need a little more support.
 Primers are exactly that, a support. They are the underwear to your makeup and help everything to appear smooth and perfected on top.

 We have been loving the Estee Lauder range of primers recently; we’ve been using them in our tutorials quite a lot.

There are 3 to choose from depending on the support you need and how your skin performs throughout the day. Here’s a run through.

Matte Perfecting Primer

 This primer is the equivalent to your biggest comfy knickers. Gives you a smooth finish and ensures everything is held in and evened out.
This primer is obviously targeted at those with a combination to oily skin. It’s formulated to act as a lightweight barrier, which will act as an absorbent cushion between the natural oils in your skin and your foundation.
 It is water based so doesn’t feel tacky or greasy. It sinks in super fast and leaves the skin with a slightly waxy feel rather than the chalky feel that some primers leave you with.
 The coating provides a great base to work your foundation onto and really does help with foundation longevity.
 If you find your foundation normally splits over the oily areas or has disappeared by lunchtime then this is a good one to try. It won’t make your base indestructible but it certainly helps maintain an even base for a few hours longer.

 Illuminating Perfecting Primer

This primer is your push up bra. Lifting, plumping and attracts the light.
This is for those with dryness, pigmentation, and dullness or for those who may have been under the weather. I feel as though this perhaps doesn’t have the longevity power of the mattifying primer however if your skin sucks in your foundation and causes your base to appear flaky then this is a good extra support to use.
 It doesn’t project a shimmer but a soft radiance, which is supplied by the super fine golden pearl pigments.
 It provides a little shot of hydration and provides an extra slip to blend your foundation into. It won’t highlight the skin like an actual highlighter would but gives it a gentle lift.

The Smoother Perfecting Primer

This is your supportive Spanx underwear.
 Evening out all the lumps and bumps and deflects any un-wanted attention!
  This primer is for you if you have visible pores or uneven texture to the skin. Works for all skin however it may not be quite hydrating enough if you have a very dry skin. It sits nicely on a mature skin.
 It has a waxy texture, which feels ridiculously soft and smooth. The silicone base softly fills pores and fine lines ensuring the skin looks evened ready for your foundation. If you have deeper lines it’s not going to work miracles but it will help to reduce foundation settling into those areas.
 It has a slight radiance to it so won’t look flat but if you have an oily skin you may need to dust a little loose powder over the T-Zone.

These primers are available in 30ml squeezy tubes and are £25.00 each. You can purchase here.



  1. I've been wearing the same primer for years but I'm tempted to give the matte one of these a try because that sounds perfect for my skin! x

  2. This is a great article to choose which one is best Estee Lauder Perfecting Primer according to skin type.


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