Monday, 27 March 2017

Dolce & Gabbana Tropical Spring

Loving the vibrant theme of the D&G new Tropical Spring collection.
 The collection is inspired by the south of Sicily and exotic tropics.

It’s D&G so it’s not a budget friendly collection as you may have guessed but we have a few pieces to swatch and share with you so you can see if it’s something you feel like splashing out on!

The collection is split into tropical pink and tropical coral and the shades of each are bold and vibrant making it a nice collection for deeper skin tones.

The tropical coral blush (£34) is beautiful. Just the right amount of orange and red to make it a wearable blush. Colour applies instantly bold so not one for those who like a soft blush. This is a statement blush and would look perfect on a flawless radiant skin with a touch of mascara.

We have the tropical pink eye shadow duo ( £34), which includes a pearl pink and a blue/purple with a lilac shimmer. Blends nicely into each other and builds to a deeper tone. 

To compliment both the collection tones are two pencil liners (£21 each) in gold and plum. Not the softest liners I’ve felt and because of this they don’t blend easily. Good for those who have watery eyes but maybe not for a sensitive eye. The longevity is good.

The mascara (£28) is a plastic style wand, which is softly curved to fit the eye shape and has fine teeth to separate. A good mascara for definition but because the teeth are tightly packed it takes a little work to build the coverage. 

The passion duo lipstick in 145 (£30) Tropical coral is sensational. It applies with a solid bright boldness with only a gentle sweep on the lips. It is similar to the coral blush with a bold orange/red. Not a good choice though if your teeth are a little yellow!

There is a moisturising circle in the centre, which gives a satin moisturised finish to the whole lip. The flat shape of the lipstick means it doesn’t apply very precisely so you’ll need a lip liner to neaten up the edges.

There are two nail varnishes, which match the liners in a plum and gold. We have the golden shade.

The collection is available from Harrods and Harrods online here.


  1. Wow, the collection is gorgeous! I'm definitely here for the blush, although the eyeshadow duo looks like it will pull too cool on me. Also love the wand on the mascara! Curious about the lipstick as usual, even though I can never quite pull off coral lipstick. Thanks for the review!

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