Thursday, 23 March 2017

Clinique BIY Pigment drops

Clinique’s new BIY (blend it yourself) pigment drops make a great addition to a capsule summer makeup bag. Each 10ml bottle contains a very runny liquid pigment, which is designed to be blended with your regular moisturiser to act as a custom blended foundation.
I assumed initially that it would be water based however it is a silicone emollient mix. It has an easy to blend texture and a little goes a long way. It can also be quite messy so make sure you’re not using it over a white carpet.

Depending on the type of moisturiser you are using it with will affect the finish but that in a way is its beauty. Providing you are using the correct moisturiser for your skin type then this liquid pigment will give a similar finish.
 Clinique are marketing it alongside their Pep-start moisturiser for an oily skin or their moisture surge moisturiser for a dry skin however you can use it with whichever moisturiser you regularly use. 
 It looks beautiful mixed with an illuminating primer also.

The coverage is adaptable depending on your preference. One drop for a sheer wash, two for medium and three drops for a fuller cover. I do think though if you are someone who prefers a good cover then you may find that this is not the best foundation system for you. The pigment is sheered out by the moisturiser and even adding 3 drops doesn’t give you a flawless cover. You can of course team it up with a concealer if you need a little extra reassurance. 

 The liquid drops out easily with a gentle tap and it’s very pleasing to mix it into your moisturiser and watch it transform into your foundation.
 I found it easiest and most hygienically to use by scooping a little moisturiser onto a art palette, dropping the pigment in and then mixing with the end of my brush. I found a large duo fibre brush was a good choice of tool to use.

Go for this foundation if you hate bulky bottles and want a sheer easy to use foundation to take away on holiday. Be aware that here is no SPF present in this pigment.

Shade wise I feel that the colours come up darker than you would expect and with the exception of the lightest shades the majority of the tones are a warming yellow base.

There are 12 shades in total with one extra bronze, slightly shimmering shade.

We have 8 shades and the bronze to share with you… 

Clinique BIY is available now here for £25.00 each.


  1. Really interesting idea... I'm trying to train myself to accept lighter coverage on my skin so this sounds a definite idea

  2. does shade 105 or 110 have a yellow undertone?

    1. No, these are the exceptions. Their tone is more red.x

  3. I really like the idea of this but the shade range seems a shame really; I'm so pale and it doesn't look like it's going to go light enough! Ill probably still pop to a counter and try it out though 🙈Xx

    1. Agreed, they need to go lighter and much darker

  4. Hello, these look great! Would they be any good for a make up artists kit? Are they suitable for all foundations? Xx

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