Friday, 31 March 2017

Microblading. What is it all about?

Sam decided to have her eyebrows Microbladed. Check out her experience..


Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Origins Flower Fusion Sheet Masks

The latest masks from Origins have got us feeling particular spring like. They have 6 new masks, which are inspired by the naturally radiant beauty of florals.
 The flower fusion range is 100% natural bamboo sheet masks infused with flower wax. The flower wax is a by-product of the essential oil distillation process.

Each flower fusion sheet mask harnesses the power of a different flower to cater for the various skin types.


Violets contain tons of anti oxidants and are very emollient which means they will help with the suppleness and the hydration of the skin. Good for devitalised skin or for those who may have been feeling under the weather.


The orange mask is particularly nice. The zesty scent puts you in a relaxed and refreshed mood whilst the orange flower of the white blossom tree helps to hydrate and give radiance to the skin. Good for dull skin and is a nice one to use before a big night out. A real mood lifter

 This one is good for post holiday skin that has been a little scorched or for lack lustre skin which needs a little refreshment. It’s nicely hydrating and has a delicate woody fragrance.

Lavender- Soothing

Lavender is very antiseptic and balancing, making this mask great for a sensitive or slightly inflamed skin. Also good if you suffer with breakouts. A nice relaxing mask which also seemed to brighten the skin.

Jasmine- Softening

 Jasmine is known for its nocturnal blooming and is used in aromatherapy for its tension relieving properties. This mask is good for a dry or mature skin or for those whose skin has been a little weathered.

Good for all skin types but a nice shot of hydration for a dryer skin. Also good at evening out the complexion or calming a sensitive skin.

Each mask smells strongly of the flower it contains so if you aren’t a floral lover then these are not the masks for you.
 Each packet contains 1 sheet and they are £5.00 each available here.


Monday, 27 March 2017

Dolce & Gabbana Tropical Spring

Loving the vibrant theme of the D&G new Tropical Spring collection.
 The collection is inspired by the south of Sicily and exotic tropics.

It’s D&G so it’s not a budget friendly collection as you may have guessed but we have a few pieces to swatch and share with you so you can see if it’s something you feel like splashing out on!

The collection is split into tropical pink and tropical coral and the shades of each are bold and vibrant making it a nice collection for deeper skin tones.

The tropical coral blush (£34) is beautiful. Just the right amount of orange and red to make it a wearable blush. Colour applies instantly bold so not one for those who like a soft blush. This is a statement blush and would look perfect on a flawless radiant skin with a touch of mascara.

We have the tropical pink eye shadow duo ( £34), which includes a pearl pink and a blue/purple with a lilac shimmer. Blends nicely into each other and builds to a deeper tone. 

To compliment both the collection tones are two pencil liners (£21 each) in gold and plum. Not the softest liners I’ve felt and because of this they don’t blend easily. Good for those who have watery eyes but maybe not for a sensitive eye. The longevity is good.

The mascara (£28) is a plastic style wand, which is softly curved to fit the eye shape and has fine teeth to separate. A good mascara for definition but because the teeth are tightly packed it takes a little work to build the coverage. 

The passion duo lipstick in 145 (£30) Tropical coral is sensational. It applies with a solid bright boldness with only a gentle sweep on the lips. It is similar to the coral blush with a bold orange/red. Not a good choice though if your teeth are a little yellow!

There is a moisturising circle in the centre, which gives a satin moisturised finish to the whole lip. The flat shape of the lipstick means it doesn’t apply very precisely so you’ll need a lip liner to neaten up the edges.

There are two nail varnishes, which match the liners in a plum and gold. We have the golden shade.

The collection is available from Harrods and Harrods online here.

Friday, 24 March 2017

Natural wearable contour

Check out Nic's tutorial on how to create a natural, wearable contour..


Thursday, 23 March 2017

Clinique BIY Pigment drops

Clinique’s new BIY (blend it yourself) pigment drops make a great addition to a capsule summer makeup bag. Each 10ml bottle contains a very runny liquid pigment, which is designed to be blended with your regular moisturiser to act as a custom blended foundation.
I assumed initially that it would be water based however it is a silicone emollient mix. It has an easy to blend texture and a little goes a long way. It can also be quite messy so make sure you’re not using it over a white carpet.

Depending on the type of moisturiser you are using it with will affect the finish but that in a way is its beauty. Providing you are using the correct moisturiser for your skin type then this liquid pigment will give a similar finish.
 Clinique are marketing it alongside their Pep-start moisturiser for an oily skin or their moisture surge moisturiser for a dry skin however you can use it with whichever moisturiser you regularly use. 
 It looks beautiful mixed with an illuminating primer also.

The coverage is adaptable depending on your preference. One drop for a sheer wash, two for medium and three drops for a fuller cover. I do think though if you are someone who prefers a good cover then you may find that this is not the best foundation system for you. The pigment is sheered out by the moisturiser and even adding 3 drops doesn’t give you a flawless cover. You can of course team it up with a concealer if you need a little extra reassurance. 

 The liquid drops out easily with a gentle tap and it’s very pleasing to mix it into your moisturiser and watch it transform into your foundation.
 I found it easiest and most hygienically to use by scooping a little moisturiser onto a art palette, dropping the pigment in and then mixing with the end of my brush. I found a large duo fibre brush was a good choice of tool to use.

Go for this foundation if you hate bulky bottles and want a sheer easy to use foundation to take away on holiday. Be aware that here is no SPF present in this pigment.

Shade wise I feel that the colours come up darker than you would expect and with the exception of the lightest shades the majority of the tones are a warming yellow base.

There are 12 shades in total with one extra bronze, slightly shimmering shade.

We have 8 shades and the bronze to share with you… 

Clinique BIY is available now here for £25.00 each.

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Spring/Summer Makeup tutorial

Wahoo it's starting to feel like Spring. Check out Nic's tutorial for a fresh Spring/Summer look..


Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Estee Lauder Perfecting Primer

To achieve a perfect base you need to be layering your products. If you’re a spring chicken then you may find a slick of moisturiser and a buff over of a foundation keeps you looking fresh all day but as skin ages it tends to need a little more support.
 Primers are exactly that, a support. They are the underwear to your makeup and help everything to appear smooth and perfected on top.

 We have been loving the Estee Lauder range of primers recently; we’ve been using them in our tutorials quite a lot.

There are 3 to choose from depending on the support you need and how your skin performs throughout the day. Here’s a run through.

Matte Perfecting Primer

 This primer is the equivalent to your biggest comfy knickers. Gives you a smooth finish and ensures everything is held in and evened out.
This primer is obviously targeted at those with a combination to oily skin. It’s formulated to act as a lightweight barrier, which will act as an absorbent cushion between the natural oils in your skin and your foundation.
 It is water based so doesn’t feel tacky or greasy. It sinks in super fast and leaves the skin with a slightly waxy feel rather than the chalky feel that some primers leave you with.
 The coating provides a great base to work your foundation onto and really does help with foundation longevity.
 If you find your foundation normally splits over the oily areas or has disappeared by lunchtime then this is a good one to try. It won’t make your base indestructible but it certainly helps maintain an even base for a few hours longer.

 Illuminating Perfecting Primer

This primer is your push up bra. Lifting, plumping and attracts the light.
This is for those with dryness, pigmentation, and dullness or for those who may have been under the weather. I feel as though this perhaps doesn’t have the longevity power of the mattifying primer however if your skin sucks in your foundation and causes your base to appear flaky then this is a good extra support to use.
 It doesn’t project a shimmer but a soft radiance, which is supplied by the super fine golden pearl pigments.
 It provides a little shot of hydration and provides an extra slip to blend your foundation into. It won’t highlight the skin like an actual highlighter would but gives it a gentle lift.

The Smoother Perfecting Primer

This is your supportive Spanx underwear.
 Evening out all the lumps and bumps and deflects any un-wanted attention!
  This primer is for you if you have visible pores or uneven texture to the skin. Works for all skin however it may not be quite hydrating enough if you have a very dry skin. It sits nicely on a mature skin.
 It has a waxy texture, which feels ridiculously soft and smooth. The silicone base softly fills pores and fine lines ensuring the skin looks evened ready for your foundation. If you have deeper lines it’s not going to work miracles but it will help to reduce foundation settling into those areas.
 It has a slight radiance to it so won’t look flat but if you have an oily skin you may need to dust a little loose powder over the T-Zone.

These primers are available in 30ml squeezy tubes and are £25.00 each. You can purchase here.


Monday, 13 March 2017

Real Techniques Flawless Base Set

 Thank goodness we’re on our way our of the dark winter and heading into spring.
 Not sure about you but the spring always makes us feel like we want a sheer, fresh base with just a pop of floral pink on the lips.
 A perfect base will make any makeup look amazing but it can be tricky to master.
 You need a few light layers of differing products to create the illusion of a natural base but most importantly you need a good set of brushes.

 If skin is your thing then check out the Flawless Base set.
 It contains 4 brushes, which also come nestled inside a plastic beaker to enable you to stand them at your make up station.

What brushes are included?

Buffing Brush

The narrow base and fanned out tip of this brush will ensure your foundation can be applied firmly but softly polished into the skin. The curve of the brush hairs will mould to the contours of the face so you can be sure that all product will be buffed away.
 The firmness of the buffing brush works well with cream, liquid or even powder foundation and will enable all coverage preferences from sheer to full.
 This brush is also perfect at applying fake tan to the face and neck.

Contour Brush

The domed tip means you can work product under the bone structure of the face. Use the tip of the brush to apply product and the blend the edges away by using the brush at an angle. The longer hairs will coat the skin and the shorter side hairs will act as a softener, ensuring there are no harsh lines.

Square Foundation Brush

The benefit of the square foundation brush is that you can use it to get in all the hard to reach areas of the face. Use it on its side to get under the crease of the eye or use the squared off edge to get close to the inner eye or nostrils.
 We also love this brush for applying highlighter. Use the flat of the brush to apply liquid or powder highlighter to the high points of the face and then use the flat tip of the brush to blend.

The Detailer Brush

This little brush has so many uses. Apply concealer to specific areas; apply highlighter to small areas such as under the brow or cupid’s bow or even use as a lip brush. It helps to blend out and diffuse a bold lipstick beautifully.

The best thing is that these all come in a set together so you never need to make a decision on which brush you should opt for.

You can purchase this set for £22.99 here. This set is also currently at a reduced price.


Thursday, 9 March 2017

Bright lips and easy hair tutorial

You've been asking for this simple and quick bright lip tutorial...


Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Marc Jacobs Highliner


We have just received the latest liner offerings from Marc Jacobs. The original gel liner formula has now been produced in a matte formula and delivers a bold pigment with an extreme no-budge waterproof finish.

 Let’s talk about the original shimmering Highliner pencils first. Marc Jacobs states these are an award winning pencil (Allure Best of Beauty 2014). From what I can see online it was the pale lavender shade in (Luna)tic which one the award. Weirdly that shade wasn’t included in the set we were sent however there were 14 other beautiful shades for us to cast our eyes over.

From Left: Blacquer, In the buff, Mari(gold), Obey-ge, Orange crush, Ro(cocoa), Brown(out), Plume(age), Blue me away, Violet Femme, Th(ink), Ody(sea), (Wave)Length, O(vert).
  The majority of the shades apply easily but two of the shades were a little disappointing. Obey-ge and Violet Femme, which both have a pink undertone, were a little scratchy with an uneven coverage. Obey-ge didn’t transfer easily so required a little pressure, which then resulted in the nib snapping off.
 The rest of the shades however were stunning. Bold colour and individually infused with super fine sparkling pigments.
 These liners are seriously waterproof. They do not budge. The gel texture allows you a little play time but if you’re planning on blending these out then you need to work fast. To remove them you need to massage in an oily eye makeup remover and then wash or wipe off.

The new Highliner’s have the same gel formula but with a matte finish. Matte normally translates flat however the gel texture means they have a creaminess to them.

Pink of me, Deja blue, Mist me?, (Pop)ular, Whirl(Pool), Out of the blue, (Fine)wine, Grape(wine), Over(night), (Iron)y, (Brown)ie, (Earth)quake.
They glide on in the same way as the original formula; in fact, because they have no shimmering pigments I feel that they are even smoother.

There are some really interesting shades to choose from. Bold red, vibrant green and powder blues, all in an opaque rich tone. These also have a 12-hour wear and need to be worked quickly.

These are available now for $25. Check them out here.


Monday, 6 March 2017

Bobbi Brown Pretty Powerful Pot Rouge

Bobbi Brown are celebrating their fifth year of the Pretty Powerful campaign for women and girls. The campaign is aimed at empowering women and girls through education. It encourages women to be who they are and supports education or career training programmes which will enable them to overcome the disadvantages, which many women face.

 Launching this March is the new Pretty Powerful pot rouge. It provides a classic English Rose flush to the cheeks and would suit fair through to medium skin tones best.

Not really a pink but softer than a red, it’s almost as though your Nan has given your cheeks a good old pinch.
 The cream texture applies easily and has a slight moisturised sheen finish.

For each Bobbi Brown Pretty Powerful Pot rouge sold in the UK the full RRP (less VAT) will be donated to Smart Works. Smart Works provides quality interview clothes, styling advice and interview training to out of work women on low incomes.

Pretty Powerful pot rouge will be available from today (6th March) for £21.00 here.


Thursday, 2 March 2017

ARK Skincare Pre Cleanse


 One thing I’m super proud of is that I never go to bed with my makeup on. I just can’t do it, even after a couple of gins! If it’s been an evening out where I have worn a heavier base of eye I find it much easier to spend an extra minute using a pre-cleanse. I know we all just want to get into bed after a late night but by giving your skin a once over with a pre-cleanse will ensure all of your makeup is removed easily, your skin will be perfectly clean and more importantly, you won’t need to wash your bed linen the next day to remove the remnants of your mascara.

I have been using ARK Pre-cleanse makeup remover for the last few weeks.
 It’s a multi fruit mix of makeup dissolving ingredients, which lift of even the heaviest of eye makeup. Its oily texture will sink into your makeup and through circular movements will gently dislodge your layered products enabling your regular cleanser to just wipe off the stragglers and condition the skin.

What’s in it?
 Grape seed, avocado oil and kiwi oil lift off makeup and soften the skin whilst Margosa Leaf Extract acts as an anti-bacterial ingredient to ensure there’s no blemish causing nasty’s lurking on the skin. There is also an Ayurvedic herb called Zi Cao, which is particularly beneficial on a sensitive skin.

The product can be poured out of the 150ml bottle allowing you to get a good amount of product to work into your skin. It’s gentle enough to use over the eyes and lips and once washed off there is no residue.

I don’t tend to use this everyday but reserve it for occasions when I need something a little stronger than my regular cleanser. It’s also a great product for removing waterproof mascara, liner and lip stains.

ARK Pre cleanse is £30.00 and available here.


Wednesday, 1 March 2017

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