Thursday, 9 February 2017

Tyra Baby got matte

Matte liquid lips can always be a bit hit or miss. Often they apply well but over the course of the day they either go ‘bitty’ or they crack and wear off patchy.
 We have been testing the new Baby got matte trio from Tyra.

The kit, which is presented in a soft matte laminate case (I’m all about these details!) opens up to reveal 3 liquid matte lipsticks. You don’t get to select the colour choices, there’s just the three set shades, however we’re hoping they will perhaps develop shade extensions with popularity. 

They apply with a firm doe foot applicator. Would love a bit more of tapered flexible tip as it feels a bit like applying with a paddle but that’s just my opinion.
 The firmness of the applicator means that the product applies quite thickly. I found I had to wipe the excess off to be able to apply with a little more precision.

The finish

It dries off instantly but the texture does allow for you to correct areas or layer up if needed. Once set it weirdly doesn’t feel dry. You can feel that you are wearing something on your lips and have the feeling like you may want to give them a lick, but it doesn’t feel uncomfortable whatsoever and even after licking, the colour remains.

 They look stunning on the lips. Like a velvet cushion. The product grips round the contours of the lips and the natural lines within the lips are emphasised but I think this adds to the cushiony finish. It actually makes lips look a little plumped.
 They even feel velvety to the touch too and lasted really well. No transfer onto a glass or whomever I kissed and rather than developing a patchy texture throughout the day it softly diffused and wore down.

If you want a comfortable matte lip which you can be sure won’t budge (especially with Valentines day coming up) in a selection of 2 really good neutral shades and a beautiful winter berry then check these out.

The Baby got matte kit is available here.


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