Monday, 27 February 2017

Plum & Ashby Seaweed and Samphire

 It’s Mothers Day in the UK on March 27th and we have been looking at different products for the number one woman in our life.
 These day’s everyone just instantly purchases what they want, there’s no waiting for your birthday so you can be bought it. Bath and body products however are not something we tend to treat ourselves to so they make a great gift.

We’ve been checking out Plum & Ashby’s range, not only because they look effortlessly chic on the side of your bath but because they smell fabulous and feel like a luxurious treat to use.

There is something about apothecary style brown glass bottles. They look expensive and immediately draw your attention.

 The hand and body wash and lotion make the perfect duo for a gift. The Seaweed and Samphire scent is reminiscent of seaside holidays but with a fresh slightly citrus undertone. It’s the kind of scent that makes you want to cup your freshly washed hands over you nose and take a deep breath.

The only problem you will have with these products is that your mum will think they look too beautiful to use so you will just have to steal some every time you visit!

The hand and body wash and the hand and body lotion are £19.00 each and available here.

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  1. Cool post. And yep, the glass looks classic. Tc. Hope to read more posts soon :)


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