Thursday, 2 February 2017

MUFE Ultra HD Pressed powder

We reviewed MUFE HD Ultra foundation a while back but it’s still a firm favourite in our kit and one we recommend to lots of other makeup artists. This February MUFE are launching an Ultra HD pressed powder to sit alongside it.

It’s 4K compatible (read about what 4K means here) and mattes the skin whilst still providing a fresh luminous finish. Similar to the foundation it’s a great choice for those who have a combination to oily skin and like the matte feel but don’t necessarily want the matte dulling finish.

The powder has an extra fine texture which is talc free and has an anti-dullness micronized pigment which will never cause an ashy finish on a deeper skin tone. The powders within are silicone based so they will give you a silky, flawless finish which is still transparent enough to let your natural skin radiate through. They also feel amazingly smooth on the skin.

There a 3 shades available, although only a minimal amount of colour is visible on the skin.
 01 is a white powder, pretty much transparent and is great for a very fair to light skin tone. 02 is a banana yellow and will liven up a medium to olive skin tone or those who suffer with greying under the eyes or with visible veins through the skin. 03 is a warm apricot and is perfect for a medium to deeper skin tone. It will naturally warm the skin tone and add vibrancy to a dulling winter skin.

MUFE recommend a dot and dust technique to be used so that the powder can crush into the fibres and be distributed evenly.
 This is a great pro kit essential if you're looking for a good all rounder that is suitable for multiple ethnicity'.

It launches this month in Debenhams for £26.00 each.


  1. Weirdly, I really like the packaging, I think its extremely sleek!

  2. wow, these look so cool xx

  3. I've never seen a powder like these before, might have to give them a go! x


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