Friday, 27 January 2017

YSL Shock Eye event

Now you know how much we love a messy, grungy eye? Well YSL have launched an imperfect perfect eye story to help us create the ultimate smudgy unkempt smoky eye.

 The underground eye palette holds 10 shades in a portable slim line compact and duel ended blending and liner brush. 

 The shades are a gradient from cream to lavender, blackberry, slate, charcoal and on to black. The finish is a mix of matte and shimmer but it’s the texture and bendability that gives this palette the wow factor.

The first and last colour chips ares a cream primer, which helps build intensity when used as a base. The remaining shades are powder but can easily be mistaken for the texture of a cream. 

  Even the brush with its delicate YSL embossing is a beaut.
 This palette will create the ultimate intense eye suitable for all skin tones and eye colours. Perfect for those who like black and every other shade that blends seamlessly with it.

Next up is the couture eye marker. Chunky felt tip pen style liner with a glossy jet-black finish. The nib is flattened on one side so you can still get a little precision however this beefy tip is not designed for perfection. It’s more of a “I’ve been out until 4am dancing to the Prodigy and couldn’t give a s**t” kind of liner (we’re in bed by 9pm, but that’s what we’re imagining). This eye marker is not going to be one that remains fluid for very long and if you’re not careful to replace the lid it would probably dry up if repeatedly used on top of powder.

 Unless you have never watched a Pixiwoo tutorial then you will know of our devotion to the YSL Volume Effet mascara. It’s one we return to again and again. If you like long, separated lashes, which create impact, then give this one a shot. Again, it dries out too quickly for our liking but it’s a fabulous mascara. 

 If you want to take your grungy eye to the next level then grab yourself the eye gloss smudger too. It’s a non-sticky, balmy textured crystal clear gloss, which will add a pop of high shine to your lid. It won’t stay in place, it will definitely crease your eye shadow and I promise your hair will get stuck in it…but that’s the idea. This type of product works so well with the tones of the underground palette so if you can bear to blur your beautifully blended eye then get dabbing this onto the centre of your lid.

 This collection is available nationwide in all your usual locations from February 1st. Wearing this type of eye over Valentines is bound to get you into all kinds of trouble, enjoy.


  1. all things ysl -- this one is for me!

  2. Ohhh lovely! I've tried one YSL palette before and the shades looked gorgeous. But, when swatched they went quite dusty. These look a lot better though :) x

    Katina Lindaa |

  3. Oh noooooo, those shadows swatch like theyvwoukd be a muddy, mucky mess on blending. Is the quality better than the last set of shadows YSL churned out a year ago?

    Nothing can pry me away from my Chanel le Volume.

  4. The last sentence of this post - major lols

    Love the look of these products! Palette looks lovely! Thanks


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