Thursday, 26 January 2017

Dior Colour Graduation

Hurrah Spring is coming.  You may not feel like this as you defrost your car this morning, but I promise it’s on its way. To celebrate Dior has launched a collection which is the epitome of spring.

Colour Graduation is the latest for Spring 2017 and is encouraging us all to get our blending brushes out and jump onto the gradient trend.

This collection has slight 80’s feel to it with its bold blues and corals but the tones used give it a modern twist. If you enjoy wearing a blend of tones from dark to light with a seamless blend in between then this is the collection for you.
 The eye palettes make it very easy to achieve an effortless amalgamation of dark to light and teamed up with ombré toned soft balmy lips and a drape of apricot blush then you’ve got yourself a beautiful trend based look without even trying!

Here’s the products..

The eye palettes

Blue Graduation

Almost too beautiful to touch (almost), there are two quads to choose from. One is basically like the beautiful Caribbean Sea and the other is the sun setting over it.  

Coral Graduation

Seriously beautiful shades and even though you may not be 100% sure where to place the shades to begin with, it’s the type of collection which will inspire you to just get it on and start blending.

There are also some single shadows within the collection. We have the mono in the shade Now. It’s a beautiful midnight teal. Stunning on a grey or blue eye.


We have one of the shades of blusher in Coral twist.

It comes in a handy sized portable, mirrored compact with angled brush. Coral twist is a gradient of tangerine through to tropical coral and onto apricot. A great blusher for the draping trend. You can watch Sam’s draping tutorial below if you’re unsure about what to do.

For the lips

Gradient shine lipsticks provide a moisturised sheer wash of colour with the CD emblem providing a pop of a lighter shade.

Also for the lips are the double ended ‘lip shadow’. An interesting powdery matte lip product. The powder is applied from the lid onto the soft flexible sponge pad.

One end is a deep tone with the opposite end housing a lighter complimentary tone. A little of this lip product goes a long way so apply in light feathery strokes. The best way to achieve a good ombré look with this is to coat the lips with the darkest colour all over and the pat on the lighter tone in the centre of the lips. We did find that this product bobbled up a little on the lips which was a little annoying.

 They last on the lips really well and weirdly don’t feel as caked and dry as you may think. Nice when applied over a dab of lip balm if your lips are on the dry side.

This collection is available now here.


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  1. I would love to hear your thoughts on the quality of these Dior shadows vs their quints. I think good shadows de their real weakness- pigmentation, fallout, and blending issues.

    Remember YSL's terrible shadows like a year or two ago? They were only slightly worse than Dior. Thoughts?


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