Thursday, 19 January 2017

Clarins Booster Energy

 Anything that states that it gives more energy to tired parents is something that I need to try! It’s the first product I have seen which actually refers to benefiting a parent’s skin. I guess the parenting market is a massive industry that Clarins are also trying to tap into, who can blame them.

What is it?

It’s a liquid booster, which you add 3-5 drops of to your regular moisturiser or foundation and massage in. It’s not to be used on its own, not sure what will happen if you do, but it’s not recommended.
 It comes in a 15ml container with a tiny opening, which dispenses drops slowly.
It mainly contains ginseng, which has a stimulating effect on the skin.

I love these little skin boosters that Clarins keep bringing out. They are easy to drop into your makeup bag and whip out when you feel you need a little shot of something, or for when you’ve had too many shots of something else!

It doesn’t really have a scent and doesn’t add any texture to your existing moisturiser/foundation, which is nice.

Did it work?
Weirdly I think it did give me a little boost. I don’t know if it’s the basic act of adding something into your foundation and mixing that makes it feel like a more luxurious application or if it really did liven my skin up.
 The results are not as dramatic as you may wish for after 3 hours sleep and baby sick in your hair but it’s refreshing and had a tightening effect, especially around my under eye. It also aided the blending of my foundation and seemed to offer a smoother base with no cling in my dryer areas.

This booster is also great if you fly a lot (it’s under 10ml so fine for aircraft) or if you feel your regular moisturiser or foundation needs to be a little more customised for you.

Clarins also have two other boosters in the collection including a repair booster for damaged or sun scorched skin and a detox booster if you have over indulged.

Each booster is £30.00 and available here.


  1. Sounds great! I love that it has no fragrance and can be mixed into other product for quick application. My skin care routine is already too long!

    Blush & Pearls by Angela

  2. Mmmm read Beautypedia on this not great 😥😥

  3. i've had this for about 3 months now and i really think my skin looks more vibrant with it. i just mix a little in with my moisturizer. i got the detox for christmas and have only used it a few times and i think it helps with clearing up my skin. i use the energy more often for sure than the detox.

  4. I love to use makeup and I never go outside my home without wearing it, my friend who offers me Online Essay Help - suggest me new cosmetics and everything she suggested was a super hit. I want to know about this product, can anyone help?

  5. oh, it has ginseng. I am going to give it a try.


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