Thursday, 12 January 2017

Bioderma Hydrabio Gel-Créme

  Here’s one for those who have a combination to oily skin, which is also feeling a little confused and dehydrated.
 Firstly the texture is wonderful and if you are someone who doesn’t have a lot of time in the mornings and has to apply their foundation straight onto a moisturised skin then you will love this. It is a crème-gel so it provides a good shot of hydration but in a super lightweight gel. It absorbs quickly with no residue but provides a wonderful smoothing finish ready for your foundation application.  It feels refreshing and calming so would be nice on a slightly stressed out combination/oily skin.

What’s in it?

  •  Apple Seed extract to which stimulates the aquaporins. Aquaporins are channels, which allow water to pass along and transfer into the cells within the skin. This results in a skin plumping effect.

  • Vitamin E to protect and fight free radicals, which can lead to premature skin aging.

  • Salicylic Acid, which is great on a problematic skin. It helps with inflammation and loosens dead skin.

It doesn’t feel tacky; it feels very comfortable on a stressed skin and is a really awesome base for an oily skin. If your skin is feeling like it needs a little more hydration they also have this in a cream.

A 40ml tube of this is £14.50 and available here.


  1. Deffo need to try this! I have no bloody idea what my skin is doing at the minute. It's usually very oily but these last few weeks it's been a bit of everything so thank you for this! :)

  2. I have been using this for a while now - really like it! I like the gel/cream formula which makes it lightweight!!

    Leanne |

  3. I really believe that my skin would benefit from this product as it seems to be for my exact skin type! Thanks for sharing x

    Em |

  4. This sounds really good and perfect for my skin! x


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