Friday, 2 December 2016

MAC Shadescents

  Remember when it was fashionable to match your nails to you lips? MAC have taken that to a new level and have developed fragrances inspired by selected lipstick shades. Each fragrance use ingredients inspired by 6 of their iconic lipsticks.

The lipstick and fragrance options are:

Ruby Woo- Woody floral   
Candy Yum-Yum-Fruity floral gourmand   
Lady danger-Woody floriental   
My heroine-Woody leather  
Créme D’nude-Amber musk    
Velvet teddy- Wild honey  

We have the Ruby Woo fragrance and were pleasantly suprised. It has a deep leather aroma but with a delicate fresh floral. Glamourous and sultry and definitely one for a winter evening. Well done MAC you really have captured the essence of Ruby Woo in a bottle.

These fragrances are limited edition, £35 each and are exclusively available from Harrods from 1st December to tie in nicely with world Aids day.



  1. oooh I'm in London next week🌞 I will check it out

  2. oooh I'm in London next week🌞 I will check it out

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