Thursday, 1 December 2016

Lip Magnet-New matte lipstick from Giorgio Armani #ad

During the Autumn/Winter months we love to keep our skin looking hydrated and fresh with just a pop of colour on the lips. Lip Magnet looks awesome worn as the statement piece for your day or evening look. Keep skin natural, slick on a feline flick of liquid liner and apply two coats of your chosen lip magnet. In the evening you could team it up with a complimentary blush to add a little more colour.

Lips suffer more than ever in the autumn/winter months. The heating goes on, the weather gets colder and our skin in general suffers. With the skin on the lips being far thinner than anywhere else on the body it’s understandable that these external aggravators are going to take their toll. This is why it’s so important to choose your lip products wisely. You need a product, which will feel comfortable and not drying but also not so sticky that a gust of wind will stick your hair to your lips.

This week we have been testing out the Lip Magnet from Giorgio Armani Beauty and it is ticking all the right boxes for us.
 The lip magnet is available in 18 shades, which are presented in a clear pot, enabling you to see the colour inside. The application wand is a teardrop shape, which is made from a flexible sponge. The tip of the teardrop is shaped perfectly to allow you to apply the product with perfect precision. It flexes to the shape of the lip and by using it on the very tip you can create a sharp, defined shape within the cupids bow.

Lip Magnet is inspired by the finish of the Fusion makeup within the Giorgio Armani Beauty range. It applies with a lightweight, water effect finish. The ultra thin film of colour sweeps over the lip with a strong colour payoff and a bold punchy finish. They dry off almost instantly but due to the ingredient mix of water and fine oils the pigments don’t settle on dry areas of the lips. The wash of colour is even all over and as it wears throughout the day there is no pooling or patchiness to the colour. Lips feel totally bare and maintain their hydration throughout the day or evening.

The finish, once dry is totally matte and as the name suggests, they grip to the lips immediately. You are left with a second skin effect with a super concentrated colour. Apply a sheer wash initially to give you a base and then go back in with a second coat to build colour and shape. The water content in the Lip magnet gradually evaporates causing the oils and pigment to fuse and intensify the colour pigment. They wear so well. They don’t fade or separate and will see you throughout the working day with no touch ups required.

Let’s look at the shades…

300  302
400 401 403 402
502 504 501 506 500 503 507
600 602 601

For the daytime 504 is a beautiful peachy pink with golden undertones or 301 if you like something a little warmer. Our favourite shades for the evening are 302 for a vibrant glamorous tomato red and 600 for a vampy look.

If you are someone who likes to apply their lip product and not have to worry about touch-ups and who prefers a matte but hydrated finish then this is definitely a product to check out.

This product is available nationwide from 26th October or can be purchased at

After Lip magnet has sold out in Selfridges it will be available nationwide! 

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  1. Love 501, 600, 403 and 302 on you. Absolutely gorgeous!

  2. the last one is gorgeous on you and your eyeliner is on cut a bitch!

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  4. All the shades are lovely, especially 400, 502 and 600 look fabulous on you! Also, here is a chance to 15 EsteeLauder lipglossessđź’„! Click on this now


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