Thursday, 29 December 2016

Escentric Molecules 01 Fragrance

I started to wear Escentric Molecules after smelling it on a makeup artist I was working with. He smelt so divine and even after he left the room I could still smell his amazing fragrance. I generally am always more attracted to male fragrance  (I guess that would make sense) however when I asked him what it was he explained that it was unisex and then went on to tell me all the unique points about his fragrance.

Escentric Molecules is a very 'no frills' looking bottle of fragrance. It's not one which jumps out to you and unlike the romantic, luxurious story which a lot of brands spew out to us, it's very industrial looking with a scientific back story.

What's in it?
It uses a molecule known as Iso E Super which is created within a laboratory. Creator Geza Schoen realised that every fragrance he liked had a high concentration of this molecule and so decided to create a fragrance which only contained this molecule. Whilst testing the fragrance he was regularly stopped by people enquiring what fragrance he was wearing. The Iso E Super molecule has an almost alluring fragrance. There are no other odourants within, just simply this molecule.

It's really hard to describe fragrance on a blog post, you need to really experience it yourself. Molecule 01 is actually particularly hard to describe. It's fresh without being citrusy, it's neither overly masculine or overtly feminine and it's not at all floral. It really is a total enigma and if you can never find a fragrance which suits you then you should 100% test this one out. I bet you love it.
 Every single time I wear it someone, usually female, will ask what I'm wearing. I can never smell it on myself but everyone around me always notices it. It's the only fragrance this has ever happened with. I had my eyelashes tinted the other week and the therapist contacted me later in the day to ask me what I wore as she could still smell it in her salon, she has since gone on to purchase and every client she is close to asks her what it is.

You can check out Escentric Molecules in Liberty or purchase online here.



  1. The fragrance sounds amazing.
    Would love to try it :)

  2. Great post. Would definitely try this product.
    cosmetic lake colors

  3. I love this fragrance! To me it smells like Parma violets, sandalwood... and something I can never put my finger on! I've been stopped in the supermarket, on the subway and when shoe shopping by people wanting to know what my perfume is-never has this happened before!!

    Beekeyper - latest - Tom Ford Lips and Boys in Dylan-the ultimate Christmas red

  4. I've been wearing this fragrance for over a year I love it and always get asked what it is

  5. I'm wearing over last 3 yrs and love it- sexy and unique


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