Tuesday, 27 December 2016

De Mamiel Winter Face oil

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 I've been searching for a new face oil for a while. I had been testing out various ones over the last month or so but they just didn't seem to be helping my skin, in fact they seemed to be irritating the hell out of it. I have found that anything with too many essential oils just flares my face up and causes tiny red bumps under the skin which look almost rash like.
 In the process to try and eliminate what was irritating my face I had held off using a lot of products which had then resulted in my skin becoming ridiculously dry.

I thought I would give the new Winter facial oil from De Mamiels a shot at sorting my skin out. It's packed with antioxidants and omega oils and contains a rich blend of vitamin A,C and E. It also contains Copper which helps with skin elasticity and firmness. Iron to give the skin a glow and speed up skin healing and Selenium which is said to be beneficial in reducing acne severity. There are also some essential oils within which did concern me a little but so far I've had no reaction. The essential oils present are Rosehip, Argan, Evening Primrose, Blackcurrant seed, Wild Myrrh and Neroli.

What does this oil promise?
 To restore radiance to tired, winter worn complexions.

Did it work?
 I feel like a little bit of calm has been restored into my skin. I've stripped back the amount of products I have been using so to use a few drops of this oil in the evening is such a treat. My skin lapped this oil up so it didn't feel greasy when I went to bed. I'm not sure I look any less tired, I think I'll always appear tired but my skin looks evened with no redness or dry patches. It has give it a shot of much needed hydration and has definitely softened out my complexion. It also smells wonderful.

If your skin is combination then apply 4 drops in the evening after cleansing. If you have a dryer skin then use in the evenings and also a drop mixed with your foundation looks beautiful and helps with the blending process of your foundation over dry patches.

A real winter evening treat that has actually worked for me in reducing the irritation and stress in my skin.
 De Mamiel winter oil is available here.


  1. You may be interested in the Ordinary organic rosehip seed oil. Caroline Hirons recommended it and I tried it out- I have sensitive skin and I use the rosehip seed oil every night! http://ordinaries.com/product/rdn-100pct-organic-cold-pressed-rose-hip-seed-oil-30ml

  2. This one is really moisturizing .
    I really love the ingredients list :)

  3. this is a beautiful oil! I personallt high five also boots organic botanics as it's a blend of jojoba, shea, almond and rosehip. i think that boots is fantastic and atm is £4 on offer in boots. also "Simple" does really good noght cream with gingko biloba. Stripping skincare to minimum is a great idea. Glad to hear your skin is feeling happier 😊💃

  4. wow! i just checked list of ingredients! spring oil sounds incredible! it is pricey but sounds holy grail like, thanx for review x


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