Friday, 16 December 2016

Black Up 2 in 1 shimmering mascara and liner

This is the time of year where you quite often pop out straight from work for a festive drink. If you don't have time to change up your whole makeup look then you can quickly transform your eye look with these shimmering mascara and liner from Black Up.
 They only come in two shades of gold or silver and contain tiny shards of glitter suspended in a water based gel solution. The shards of glitter don't seem to drop at all and once the gel has dried off they are pretty steadfast. It probably wouldn't be the best product for a very sensitive eye or contact lens wearer however.

The liner brush tip is fine and flexible so you can apply either a thin or thick line, it works well under the lower lashes too. Along the wand there is an inch of grooves cut into the applicator so that you can brush the glitter through your lashes. This works well, however I can imagine as the product gets low it may not reach the grooved part to coat it enough.

A nice little two in one product to jazz up a daytime look. Wear it on top of a black liner, on its own or tip your lashes with it.

These are €19.90 each and available here.

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