Thursday, 3 November 2016

Suqqu Liquid pen duo

Japanese brand Suqqu launched their liquid pen duo's back last month ready for Christmas. There are two liquid pens available and each are duel ended.

Double ended pens are awesome because they not only save space in your makeup bag but they encourage you to try out a shade you perhaps would never normally go for.

 The nib on these pens is super fine (0.1mm to be precise) and although the base stays firm under pressure, the tip flexes and moves to the contour of your eye.
  The nib never becomes over saturated and the liquid is dispersed evenly and fluid. It dries relatively fast and has great longevity. If you don't have a steady hand it is easy to correct with little bother.

 This liner works well if you don't have too much texture around the eyes. It did tend to bleed out a little in fine lines.

 Both pens have a classic black end and on the other end is either a burgundy or a brown. Both beautiful autumnal colours and a little softer than the standard black. The brown and burgundy are not too dissimilar from each other, the burgundy is just slightly warmer toned.
 The black end is probably the end you'll find yourself reaching for the most and to save your annoyance they have wrapped a thin gold band around the black end so you know which end is where.

These are £28.00 each and available here.



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