Friday, 25 November 2016


 My skin has been freaking out a little recently. I'm not sure if it's the change in the weather temperature, if my diet has not been particularly great or if I just haven't been giving my skin the attention it needs...probably all of the above.

I always tend to use balm cleansers but as these don’t seem to be working for me at the moment I thought I would change it up a bit. My skin has been really bumpy under the surface, not cystic spots but just little lumps, which never amount to anything. These areas are generally around the sides of the chin and only really noticeable to me but still very annoying.
I began testing the anti-ageing cleansing gel from Peter Thomas Roth. It is a liquid gel, which is scented with a delicate peach. It should be applied to damp skin and massaged over before rinsing off.

What does it contain?

Glycolic acid, salicylic acid and citric acid with white oak bark, lemon, linden and grapefruit. It is for all skin types except sensitive.
 With a list of ingredients such as this you can be sure of some serious exfoliation. Being a cleanser it’s not a product that remains on the skin for too long. If you have areas that need extra exfoliation then ensure you massage the cleanser over for a little longer.

This cleanser does leave your skin feeling totally clean and lifts away makeup easily, although I wouldn’t recommend using it over the eyes, it’s a bit too acidic for that.

 It advises use on all skins but I did find that after continuous use my skin began to feel a little dry. If you have a combination or oily skin then you will love the matte feeling this leaves after removal but a dryer skin will feel taught and a little uncomfortable.
Gives great clarity to a dulling skin and removes dead skin cells, which can lead to breakouts. Because of the various acids contained be extra cautious in the sunshine.

Available from Selfridges for £25.00



  1. Indeed a deep-cleansing product. I have normal skin and works best for me in the summer, when my skin tends to be oilier. For winter it does feel drying.

  2. Okies, so I got similar problem. I worked out it's from wearing a scarf and covering up above my neck, It's freezing outside. Chin lumps are also can happening due to hornonal
    changes, I discovered too that Illamasqua Beyond Powder ( epic) gives me those little bumps --seem to dissapear after using Liz Earle Cleanser with Eucalyptus and Kieh'ls mask with cranberry seeds. I stopped paying attention to occasional pimples as they appear b4 start of cycle and last year I had red pimples as tried too many strong anti-aging products. Striipped to cetaphil lotion, l'occitane immortelle foaming cleanser ( spring, summer), Liz Earle ( cleanser ) for autumn, winter-as a mask sometimes, organic 100%rose spritzer from botanics 5 min detox mask from covent garden, horse pill of vit C and fish oils every day, lots of warm water to drink and home made healthy meals . It cleared my cheeks and recently I started noticing that Parura Gold foundation i love is giving me occasional lumps ( like it's little too rich dometimes- not sure) I'm 35 and I look 10 years younger - I believe that certain products containing liquid paraffin can cause bumps as cetaphil never causes them and does not contain that ingredient. I hope that helps. Sleeping 8 hrs every day makes a massive difference too. Ok I hope this helps. I write it on the phone whilst carching on all missed posts. Best Wishes xxxxx

  3. sorry for my grammar and punctuation mistakes, i felt like sharing with you and i had to write on my phone quickly as had to run to help my daughter with drying hair.