Thursday, 10 November 2016

Natasha Denona Star Palette

If you have never heard of Natasha Denona then check out our blog from last month here.
 We recently got our hands on a second palette from her collection called Star palette.
 As the name suggests this palette has some serious sparkle going on but mixed with a blend of complimentary matte and duo-chrome finish shades.

 The creamy textures blend well and pigment is strong, especially in the sparkling shades. Fall out is minimal however the lighter sparkling shades in Galaxia and Polaris were particularly crumbly.
 As you may expect the sparkle does travel within the palette and infects the matte shades but if you're a lover of glitter then you probably won't mind too much. The longevity is okay, not the best, but if you layer the shades over a cream or each other then the last longer.

You can watch Sam using the palette in tonight's tutorial. This palette is available here.



  1. This palette is beautiful, very expensive though, is it worth the price do you think?

  2. Stunning palette! I especially love the mix of shimmer and matte shades to balance each other out. I find many palettes are too one-sided in their selection of shadow finishes.

    Angela / Blush & Pearls

  3. I love the look of these but i'll never buy them. For the price, a 6 month expire date is exorbitant. I don't care if they're ok if used after the date, they're a VERY creamy formula and likely to spoil LONG before a cheaper but equally as good palette. If you've got the money to throw away, sure - but this to me is a complete rip off.

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