Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Sephora haul and a bit of a rant

We hear Sephora is coming to the UK..Hurrah!!
 Check out our recent purchases we made whilst we were over in America..



  1. This post should be titled "mic drop". I seriously appreciated your rant. I am Caucasian, but it's really disheartening to consider the amount of inequalities present in the makeup/fashion world where women of color are concerned. Heck, inequalities against WOC in any realm of the modern world. I have quite a few friends who are WOC, and knowing that they do not enjoy the same access to prestige brands, or even drugstore brands for that matter, really bothers me. I live in America and to me it's just another form of the Jim Crow laws or segregation between the "races", because there is this invisible line that states " you can only wear _____ brand if you are this shade". Sounds eerily like " you can only drink from this water fountain if you're this color". Same inquality and injustice-- it's just wearing a different outfit/ operating under a different pretense. Martin Luthers dream for equality extended to all facets of life-- not just sitting and eating at the same tables on a restaurant, or getting the same jobs, it extends to the entirety of a persons life. Makeup and beauty can be an integral part of a woman's daily life and self confidence. Denying people the opportunity to even have the ability to choose in the first place is terrible.

    Anyways, much love to you two. It's incredible and inspiring when people in positions of influence choose to wield that influence in a manner that respects life, supports justice and does not apologize. Mad props!

    As an aside, you should try milk makeups sunshine oil. It's amazing for your cuticles, etc. and is very easy to apply with their cute little rollerball system. Their ubame mascara is pretty cool too. The wand is really effective at getting all of the lashes, including the baby lashes.


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