Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Marc Jacobs Air Blush

We have been asked for lots of quotes on the draping technique recently. We wrote a post a few months back on this here. Marc Jacobs have launched a blush range which celebrates this trend.  Each blush comes in a plastic patent effect mirrored case and features two tones of complimentary powder.

 The stripes of the blusher are inspired by a Marc Jacobs  One stripe of colour is much lighter than the other and also has a slightly more satin/pearlised finish. The two shades blend softly over the skin to give a multi-dimensional finish.

The shades are all very soft and a lot of building up is required to get a stronger colour payoff. These blushers are designed to mimic the tones in the skin and serve to enhance the skin tone rather than mask the skin and provide a solid colour.

You can pick out the individual shade on a smaller blush brush or you can swish your brush all over for a mix.

Very natural and add a nice soft radiance to the skin. Do they differ from any other duo blush? Not really.

I think you could use any similar blushes to create the draping effect but they are a nice product to build your blush naturally. Great if you are concerned of applying blush to areas of the face other than the cheeks without looking over made.
 These blushes are available here for £28.00 each.



  1. so glamour , i love the flash fantasy so naturel

  2. Really pretty pictures! These blushes look very elegant and special - thanks for showing them to us blogreaders :)
    Hugs from Switzerland
    Janine (

  3. I have never seen this type of blush ever before and after that I have implemented into my daily routine. It is great for natural and every day look or better for more bold look for night on the town.

    Alleice@buy lifecell


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