Friday, 7 October 2016

Brow by Mii

We have been loving the soap brow look recently but if you are not keen on this technique you should check out the sculpting brow builder by Mii.
 It's basically a brow texturiser and tint. The tiny firm brush has well spaced teeth which enable you to separate the brow hairs creating a full but soft brow look.
 The creamy product has extremely fine fibres which coat your own natural hairs and build them to appear thicker.

If you like to use a brow pencil normally to build the shape of the brow then you can use the very end of the wand to delicately paint on fine hairs. The natural tint will stain the skin and give the appearance of a thicker brow without the fake drawn on finish.

Available in three shades of Remarkably fair, Remarkably medium and Remarkably darker.
 These are £14.95 each and available here.


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  2. Great product.


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