Friday, 9 September 2016

Tom Ford Waterproof Foundation/Concealer

We do love a bit of Tom Ford so were excited when we received some samples of their latest waterproof foundation/concealer.
 Firstly, if you like a natural foundation that feels lightweight and looks barely there then this isn't for you. Likewise if your skin is more on the oily side of the spectrum or you have obvious dry patches then it might not be your bag.

If you like a full on heavy coverage which gives you a blank canvas, neutralises your skin tone, covers imperfections (so long as they are flat and not raised) and is seriously waterproof whilst looking like velvet on the skin then it's a winner. It would also work well on a normal through to combination skin.
 This foundation is great if you are someone that likes to focus on your base and wear it perfectly flawless. If you live or are going to a humid country or want to wear this in the water then it is amazingly waterproof. The water beads up over it and runs off. It’s also great if you have scars that you want to cover and worry about your makeup base transferring off in water.

It’s by no means natural and because I don’t particularly like the feel of foundation on my skin, it wouldn’t be a foundation I would probably reach for. I have a few dry patches and it did cling to those (most foundations will do this anyway) and in the areas around my nostrils it collected. It also clings to fine downy hair so I would advise spritzing the skin with a water spray and blending well if you have fine hair on the cheeks or between the brows.
Overall it does what it says. It gives a full cover and can be used with a small brush to point conceal areas whilst being totally waterproof.

It’s in a nice squeezy tube of a small 30ml and is a whopping £64.00 so you need to really make sure it’s the foundation for you before purchasing. The thick creamy texture will mean you don’t need to use too much in each application so it should last you a good few months, well you’d hope so anyway.
We have 6 out of the 12 shades to swatch for you, all of which were golden or yellow based.

Available from October so perfect timing if you are in the market for a foundation to get you through the winter.



  1. It looks quite radiant and dewy the foundation, I see this being a great summer foundation.

  2. It sounds super full coverage, great review xx

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

  3. Looks lovely, but seriously Tom, you're just taking the piss now with these prices. I didn't even bother with euro conversion.....


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