Monday, 19 September 2016

The makeup I wore to school

I was tagged by to share the makeup I wore to school back in the 90's. What were your favourite products from your school days?...



  1. My mom was quite the puritan. I was not allowed to wear make-up to school. Eventually I just managed to put minimal mascara, face powder, a tiny bit of blush and lipgloss. I had the "Diana" hair style though, which was quite something to pull off. Lots of mousse, just like you. Lol.

  2. Amazing! Wanna der Nicks 😀

  3. Der = see.... Stupid Danish autocorrect...

  4. Mine was 1000 x worse, my only excuse being that it was the 80s. I wore black eyeliner on the waterline and a shimmery Rimmel baby pink. As well as excessive mousse in my hair I also added half a can of Harmony hairspray!!!

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