Friday, 5 August 2016


LOQI is a ridiculously cool brand to check out for zip pouches and bags with a super affordable price tag.
 Huge variety of patterns and colours available and now that plastic bags are no longer available in the UK (unless you pay for them) you can fold them up small in your handbag ready to whip out at the checkout.

Made from polyester and also water proof you can use them for your cosmetics, shopping, or even as your main bag.

We have the POP trio of zip bags (they come as a three) which are great for makeup or any of the annoying items such as keys and phone which you tend to loose in your main bag.


 Other styles we are loving from the brand...


They also make luggage covers to jazz up and protect your case when travelling. It also makes it easier to spot on the luggage belt, although I would worry it looks so cool that someone would steal it thinking there would be even cooler stuff inside!

The tote bags are €9.95 (around £8.50) and the trio of zip pouches are €14.95 (around £13.00). Definitely cooler than a naff old crumpled plastic bag. The luggage covers are €29.95 (around £26.00).
You can view all of what LOQI has to offer here.


  1. Love these bags! I do have the "Pop" zip-pouches and have the smaller two constantly in my work bag to organize it better. I also have the coordinating shopping bag with the lollipop girl. I have been using them for about six months now and you don't really see a lot of wear and tear. So, not only cool designs but also great quality!

  2. The zip-pouches are so fun and quirky... definitely adding them to our wish list! xx

  3. The zip-pouches are so fun and quirky... definitely adding them to our wish list! xx

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