Monday, 1 August 2016


We first heard about this trend when the team at Real Techniques in Chicago were asking us for quotes about it. We had zero idea what they were talking about but after they explained the process we realised that it's basically just applying blusher in the way in which it is meant to be applied but with a bit of an 70’s/80’s edge, think Studio 54 Donna Summer or Blondie in her Heart of glass music video...

 Instead of using contour colours to sculpt out the bone structure it’s using multiple blushers to colour the angles of the face and enhance the natural structure. It creates a more natural contour rather than the standard browns used in classic contouring techniques.

The name ‘draping’ refers to the layering of the various blushers being applied and then softly diffused out into each other.

Do we like it? Yeah of course, it’s something we think most people do on a daily basis anyway but I guess now that it has a name then people will be more purposeful with their blusher application.

 It’s not really innovative but then what is these days? We say just carry on doing what you were doing with your blusher because the chances are you’ve been bang on trend without realising it.

 Check out Sam using the multiple blusher layering here in her 80's Joan Collins Tutorial...



  1. When I first started wearing make-up I used to wear blusher religiously. That's not really the case anymore as I'm more of a bronzer kind of girl BUT this makes me want to start wearing it again. Love the name of this technique too :) X


  2. I like the idea of draping, makes me feel want to dig out my blush collection!

  3. Thanks for pointing this out! When I first saw this technique on another beauty blog, I scratched my head a bit, too, but I didn't have your eye for makeup history.

  4. This technique sounds really good! I have so many different blushers so I may as well try this! x

  5. Referencing the Joan Collings it was dejaveu! I remember wearing six eyeshadow at Once! It was kind of fun,very go for the time, after all I will be 67 this Month! What goes around comes around with some tweaking of course. Well done!xxxxx

  6. beautiful look!

  7. DEBBIE HARRY!!! Blondie is the band's name......

  8. DEBBIE HARRY!!! Blondie is the band's name......

  9. Think I have recently been doing this! Had no idea it was called draping though or that I was so on trend!


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