Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Black up Cosmetics Waterproof liners

Coloured liners are a great way to add vibrancy into your every day makeup with little effort. We were recently sent 4 coloured liquid liners and a black to test out from black up cosmetics.
 Black up cosmetics are a brand which cater for black and ethnic skins but also has products, such as these liners which are totally suitable for all skin tones.

 The flexible long nib creates a feathery light application that enables you to create even the finest, delicate of lines. The liquid is beautifully fluid without being to wet and dries off to a totally matte finish.

The colour pigment of these liners is super bold and true with the exception of the yellow, which needs a little more work.
The liners, once dry, last well on the skin and have the bonus of being waterproof too. 
These liners are available from


  1. Im always shy about coloured liners but recently tried a YSL purple liner and it was beautiful!

    These look like really nice quality :)

    Hayley |


  2. Glad they are waterproof can't imagine if you had a block of colour streaming down your face!


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