Wednesday, 13 July 2016

TopShop Festival Collection

 We are so busy this year that we don't have time to head off to our annual local festival, Latitude that kicks off here this Thursday.
 In honour of this we thought we would share these beautiful festival inspired glitters, which arrived this week.
 TopShop always have some pretty awesome clothes for festival season and have launched a collection of makeup to be worn alongside.
 Glitters look sensational in the evening lights of a festival and they don't even really require a mirror or any form of precision to make them work.

We have the hair glitter pot in Amulet which looks great sprinkled down the centre of your hair or mixed with your usual styling product and applied throughout the hair lengths. It gives off a pearlescent, holographic shimmer.

The mini glitter pots are available in four colour options. We have Far Out which is a colourful mix of royal blues, purple, fuchsia and green. The glitter pot in Scarab is a mix of Emerald green and turquoise for a full on mermaid festival look.
 The glitter shards are pretty chunky so are best pressed onto the high points of the face over the top of a clear lip balm or eyelash glue.

Glitter pots are £5 and the hair glitter is £7.50. Both available here.

Why don't you tweet us your festival looks to @Pixiwoos @nixipixi


  1. They look like something you could get out of Works, I bet they would look really cool on the face. Please create a look with them! Xx

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

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  3. 7.50 for glitter seems a bit steep, pretty though.

  4. Fab i bet they would look nice on the face or body too for a special occasion xx♥xx


  5. I've been seeing so much of these lately! I think I need to take a little trip to Topshop x


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