Thursday, 21 July 2016

Sleek Colour Corrector

We love palettes, especially this time of year when you want to carry extra products in your bag for impromptu drinks after work.

The kit contains 6 cream shades to counteract pigmentation, redness, sallowness, sun spots or just to generally pep up a dull skin tone.

The texture is very creamy and although you can go on to set them with a powder, they perform better on a normal to dry skin, especially in the hotter months.
 Colour pay off is sheer but you wouldn't really want them too bold anyway. The colour depth of these would only really be suitable for a very fair to light/medium skin tone. If you use these on a skin tone any darker it will only look obvious not hidden.
I prefer to apply my foundation and then using a soft fluffy buff  blend the selected colour corrector over the area. You only need to use small amounts and although the correction isn't overly dramatic, it will tone down high colour in the skin. The blue and the pink are great for brightening but use these sparingly as they tend to look a little ashy if over used. 

This palette is available from all you usual Sleek distributors from 29th July for £7.99 


  1. For such a good price, I think its worth a shot!! x

  2. Sounds interesting, I've wanted to purchase a colour corrector for a few months now so at this price might be a good one to start on!

    Jess xo
    Jessica Ann ♥

  3. I've never tried colour correctors before so I might give this one a go! x

  4. I definitely want to try this.

  5. Still terrified of colour correcting after the terrible outcomes from the last time this was a huge trend! Might give this ago for the price!

    The Beauty Vow

  6. Would you guys mind doing a tutorial with all the different ways you would use the palette?


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