Monday, 18 July 2016

Sally Hansen #Ad

For some reason I tend to take better care of my nails during the summer months. Maybe it's because as our skin tone deepens in the sunshine we feel like we need to brighten up our nails so they become an accessory rather than just boring bitten nails.

Sally Hansen is a range of nail care products that has been around since the late 50’s/60’s so I have always felt like it’s a brand I have grown up with. Products I felt confident to use because I had watched our mum use them and as a brand whose foundation is in treating and caring for the nails, it’s a product line we are happy to recommend.

Sally Hansen offers an extensive range of nail care treatments.  Products are categorised into base/top coats, straighteners, growth treatments, cuticle treatments and manicure aids. They are the experts in nail treatments and offer a prescription for every nail need or issue.

In prep for the Summer I wanted a nail detox and as we are constantly on the go it needed to be an easily transportable collection of products. Being non-stop busy with work as well as being a mum my nail care takes a back seat. My cuticles are always obviously dry. I’m guilty of occasionally biting my nails (and surrounding skin) and find that my nails peel easily. My thumbnails are fairly strong albeit a little ridged but my other nails are quite weak. They are also consistently dull looking.

We selected some key products to get our nails summer ready.

First of all I used the nail care kit to prep my nails by trimming and filing them.

To address my dry cuticles I used the Vitamin E nail and cuticle oil. It’s a glass vial of odourless oil, which is applied via the flexible application brush.

 I applied all over the base of the nail and massaged it in. The oil surprisingly wasn’t greasy and absorbed super fast, probably because my cuticles are so disgustingly dry! The oil uses wheat germ, apricot kernel, aloe and panthenol to condition cuticles and moisturise the nail bed. The results are instant after one application.

To remedy the peeling of my nails I used the Miracle cure. This is a clear treatment, which has to be applied every other day. It targets dryness and fills in any fine cracks, which may later cause the nail to break or peel. Perfect if you have previously damaged your nail and find it always splits at the same point.

 After using this for 2 weeks I noticed an improvement in the peeling. Before, if I noticed any flakiness of my nails I would pick at it but the Miracle Cure has helped to prevent this flakiness by improving the moisture in my nails. Because I haven’t been peeling the layers off, my nails now feel stronger and more resilient.

On the days when I like to wear colour I have been using the 7-in-1 complete care nail treatment. 

It’s a protective base and topcoat infused with avocado oil, sea salt, pomegranate and calcium. Not only does it prevent your nail varnish from staining the nails it also seals in the colour and improves your nail varnish

longevity. You can wear it on it’s own if you just want your nails to look glossy with a transparent finish but it performs best with colour. 

When applied as a base it evens the texture of the nail, fills in cracks and ridges and enables your colour to look smooth and professional. Layer on as a topcoat to keep the nails moisturised. This is also a great product to take away on holiday as you can reapply the topcoat once the sun begins to dull down your nail colour.

You can purchase these products here. If you are interested to see what other Sally Hansen products will benefit your nail type then check them out on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Via their YouTube channel.



  1. My nails aren't in very good shape either, great post. I haven't tried anything from Sally Hansen, I am more of an Essie and Barry M girl xxx

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

  2. I swear by Sally Hansen nail products and haven't looked back as my nails have got so much stronger since using the nail strengthener. xo


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