Thursday, 7 July 2016

MUFE Artist Rouge Creme

Blimey there are a lot of shades in the new line up of MUFE Creme lipsticks. 

Beautiful rich opaque pigments, which uses a triple-grinding technology (sounds kinky!). The pigments are ground three times to ensure they are micro-fine thus enhancing the purity and light reflection.
 The formula is blended with transparent oil so that only the purest pigment shines through and is not dulled down.
They feel super comfortable to wear, creamy but not tacky. Mallow and macadamia oils help the pigment to glide over the lips whilst providing a cushioned hydrated finish. I love the narrow angled bullet of these lipsticks. It helps with the precision and enables you to reach the corners and coat the Cupid’s bow.

The shades:

These lipsticks are £17.00 and will be available here from August 2016.


  1. All of these lipstick look so pigmented! M40x ones are my favourite, they would be perfect for autumn&winter!

    Ela BellaWorld

  2. wow I mean how amazing do these look! I am tempted to get a bunch of these now! :)
    Makeup and Beauty Forever

  3. Woah! These look incredible! I'm strangely drawn to that deep forest green...

    Beekeyper - Latest - 4 Nude Lips for Sunkissed Skin

  4. All of these lipstick looks so wonderful! Love it! <3


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