Friday, 22 July 2016

Lily's first makeup lesson

To celebrate the school holidays we have created a tutorial especially for the younger lady...



  1. Your daughter is lovely, great Smile!

  2. Your daughter is lovely, great Smile!

  3. Adorable x precious times xxx

  4. I hope this is a joke. The mother looks like the clown from the movie "IT". I was shocked to see how much gore is on her face! Talk about insecure!
    This young lady doesn't need any makeup, she's perfect the way she is. This is a horrible mother who is teaching her daughter that her self-worth is tied in to how she looks. Why does a child need to wear foundation, concealer, powder, highlighter, eyeshadow, eyeliner, blush, mascara and lip gloss?

    1. Get off your high horse, lady. "The mother" is a very secure, very well known and very talented makeup artist. The fact that she is showing her 11 yr old daughter the proper way to apply makeup, if she so chooses to wear it, is good & fun parenting on her part. Girls her age love to experiment with makeup. My grandma introduced me to makeup when I was 11 too, it's not uncommon or terrible like you're making it seem. Her daughter isn't sneaking eyeliner or foundations and smearing it on her face when mom isn't around. She's being taught how to properly apply makeup to accentuate her already beautiful features. It has nothing to do with teaching her that makeup means self worth or that she has to wear makeup to feel pretty. It's teaching her that "hey one day you're going to want to wear makeup out in public, and thats perfectly ok.. here's how to do it so you don't look like a cheap whore". At least she has a wonderful relationship with her daughter, unlike a lot of women in this day in age. And mom's makeup look is a bit heavy, and she acknowledges it, but you obviously aren't versed in the artistic side of makeup artistry. Sam isn't judgemental (unlike you) and does makeup tutorials for different people living different lifestyles. This particular look is popular among the modern goths as well as on the fashion runway. Don't spew your hate on a subject you know very little about. It shows how tiny your brain actually is, and it's very unclasay and unladylike of you to do so.

  5. Lily is beautiful! At that age it's fun to experiment with makeup. As adults it's STILL fun to play with new colors and techniques. Sam is always an inspiration, beauty doesn't always have to be cookie cutter. As Lilly demonstrated, have fun, don't take yourself too seriously, and let your real beauty shine through.

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  7. Great job!! She's a beautiful young lady!

  8. Your daughter is beautiful! Is it too harsh to say that I like her look better than yours? Enjoyable video.


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