Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Giorgio Armani Matte Eye Tints

On paper these don't sound very interesting but they are a fabulous addition to any makeup bag. We reviewed the original Armani eye tints back in February last year (read here) but the latest additions are a selection of smokey neutrals suitable for all skin tones.

 They are great to wear alone to give that Heroin-chic makeup look that just subtly tints to enhance the skins depth.
 They are totally matte once they set so have the feel of a bare lid, there's no gloss or balmy texture.

Not too much playtime as you would expect so get them on and buff them out to your desired shape the longevity is insanely good. We recommend wearing low under the eye for a sultry look.

 They also make an excellent base for a classic beautifully diffused smokey eye.

 We have 4/6 shades to show you, each has a warm undertone but all in varying shades of brown....

These are available here now for £27      



  1. Heroin-chic? Really? Is this a comparison Pixiwoo really wants to make? "They are great to wear alone to give that Heroin-chic look" - that sentence is utterly shameful. This is 2016 & we know better than to suggest that drug addiction is an aspirational fashion look.

    1. It's just a term used to describe a style of makeup seen in the 90s, just like how you'd describe Gothic-chic. Pretty sure they're not in anyway glorifying taking drugs.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.


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