Tuesday, 12 July 2016

70's Inspired Tutorial

We are feeling Studio 54 today. Check out Sam's tutorial below.....



  1. Love it! Not so pretty in the States either at the moment. Thanks for being real and giving something other than pretty pretty. I think you've hit at something here by pairing your commentary regarding what's going on for you outside and inside. I think this was the most interesting make-up tutorial I've ever watched. Styles do reflect the times, but it feels like the relationships are discussed in hindsight more that in real time. I'd love to see more of this...not necessarily alternative, but real and relevant.

  2. How much fun was that!we all need a lift during these tough times. If one is really in the pits trying on hats is great fun therapy as well! Cheers up, you just did some good by posting this!xxxxxx

  3. Love it! The eyes look amazing!

  4. Yes please! I am loving this look and your running commentary x

  5. You've introduced me to a whole new thing: make up therapy. Digging out my green eye liner as we speak. And many hugs for the last three weeks - you're not the only one feeling it.


  6. Songs My Mother Taught Me by Marlon Brando. Great Read! Loved the video. xoxo #beanHappening


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